Flexible Finance With Corporate Credit Cards

by : Nick Hardman

There are a number of business or corporate credit cards with low APRs available. As always the best place to compare all of the cards on offer will be through a price comparison website. These will list all of the offers connected to a specific card, along with all of the details necessary to select the best suited for your business needs. Business, or Corporate, Credit Cards are aimed at small business owners, or corporate executives, and can help with your business expenses. As different card companies offer different benefits and services it is worth taking the time to shop around before signing up.

When it comes to researching your credit card, finding corporate credit cards with low APRs is pretty much identical to searching for a personal credit card. Often these cards are listed on price comparison sites; these sites are beyond a shadow of a doubt the best way of getting all of the information you may need with the minimum of effort. Be aware that these cards can also be known as business credit cards, so it is a good idea to make a search under both. Although there won't be as large as a selection as with personal credit cards there will still be more than enough to choose from.

Applying for a corporate credit card will also allow for higher credit limits, as the card will be offered depending on the profitability of the organisation, rather than an individual person. Also there are many other benefits and special offers available - for a start, the majority of companies are offering free balance transfers for the first 6 - 12 months. Some of the corporate credit cards with low APRs available also have no transfer fees on balance transfers. This could already save your company a considerable amount if managed correctly. Most of the major companies are also offering introductory APRs, on purchases for a limited time, most commonly 3 months at zero percent.

As most companies and businesses regularly require their employees to travel, it's no surprise to find that there are quite a few travel related benefits on offer. Many companies offer free Air Miles when you sign up for their card. These cards then offer additional Air Miles dependant on how regularly the card is used; for example, you may get an additional Air Mile for every pound you spend. Other companies provide cardholders with free travel insurance, no matter where they may be travelling. Another card issuer provides cash back on all purchases made on the card at a rate of 0.05%. This rate is double if the purchase made is for petrol. Still others provide discounts at affiliated companies, such as hotels.

Corporate credit cards can also be useful whether you are a sole trader or small business. The great benefit for the sole trader is that you are able to distinguish between your business and personal accounts. It can be a mistake to start financing your business from your own personal credit cards as it can lead to confusion at a later date. Some of the companies provide end of year reports to show expenditure on the account, which can be extremely helpful when it come to managing your company's finances.

Other credit card companies offer an end of year report detailing expenditure on the cards. This can be extremely useful when it comes to year-end accounting and working on your finances. Another bonus - and one that is frequently overlooked - is the fact that the majority of these companies now give online access to your account. This can be invaluable, especially for smaller company without dedicated finance departments and sophisticated financial software. You can often import data on to your work PC for easy management. It adds an extra level of control to your financial management strategies and can be particularly valuable in tracking and validating employee expenses.