Instant Credit Card Applications

by : Hannah Callen

There are many online credit card companies providing instant decision credit applications. These are often safe, easy ways to apply for credit, whatever your circumstances, and whatever the reason. Perhaps you need money urgently, for an unexpected bill, or perhaps you just need some extra cash for a holiday, or a new car? Some of the companies also offer credit to people with bad credit histories, so, if things are a little tight, it could also be something to consider (although you should only ever use a credit card in this eventuality if you have a suitable repayment strategy). Whatever the reason it may be worth looking online for the offer that best suits you.

By far and away the easiest way to compare all of the cards on offer is to visit one of the many credit card comparison sites available. Here you will be able to find details of all of the cards currently available on the market, along with all of the facts and figures regarding credit card introductory offers such as balance transfer deals, interest rate reductions on purchases and discounts at selected partner businesses. You will be able to clearly see which cards are best suited to your requirements. Once you have found the card, or cards, most suited to your needs then you will be able to visit the provider's website. Applying for a card is then a matter of filling out a simple and straightforward online application form.

One of the easiest ways to help you to decide which credit card company is right for your needs is to look on one of the many independent financial comparison websites such as These comparison sites are very helpful when it comes to overseeing what the card is worth after any 0% period expires and to get an overview of what each card offers its holders in the long term. Not only will you be given an overview of what the benefits are of each card, you will also be able to compare APR rates and see if any loyalty program is applicable to you and your current spending habits. There are also expert opinions and articles available for each type of card, which are invaluable when choosing a new card and deciding which company to make your instant credit card application with.

So how can a decision be made so quickly? Firstly, credit companies have invested a lot of time and effort in the design and creation of fast and secure software. Some credit card applications depend on whether the applicant has a strong credit history. New software enables credit providers to check credit ratings almost instantaneously. Secondly, because the market is so competitive, some credit card companies are no longer checking whether applicants have positive credit histories. In other words they will often take the risk and provide consumers with a card in order to secure their business.

However, on the whole, making instant decision credit applications are the same as any other credit application. You will be required to fill out an online application. On the form you will need to provide various personal details such as: your name, address and date of birth; previous addresses; details of your income; and so on. Some companies will also ask for details such as your social security number, or the number on your driving license. All of these details will then be used to identify that you are who you say you are.

If you are refused an application however, you are entitled to see what current details the credit checker holds on you and to view your credit rating. This information is available for free online should you wish to access it before or after your application. Simply type in 'credit check sites' to any search engine and you will be able to access your file.