0% Balance Transfers On Credit Cards

by : Kenneth Scott

Frankly speaking the system buy now pay later often results in most of us getting caught in a situation with our credit card bills that we find difficult to manage. The temptation to buy and knowing that you do not have to pay instantly is a combination that most judicious spenders find difficult to resist.

To top it all the moment you turn 18 you start getting attractive offers from the biggest players in the credit card industry. Everyone in that age wants a credit card to get the feeling of having attained maturity. Most of the teenagers cannot resist getting a credit especially when it seems so easy. It is this weakness of human nature that the credit card companies try to cash upon.

This, however, is a snare of sorts that you have to beware off. In no time you will see that you have accumulated a credit card debt and are caught in a trap, where you are neither able to pay nor afford to let your credit rating be spoiled.

At the same time there is a deluge of offers which can, to a great extent, extricate you from such awkward situations. One of these offers is that of a 0 on balance transfers. These allow you to transfer your credit card payable amount on your previous card to the new card at 0 percent interest. The 0 in these offers is almost too tempting to be ignored. The important thing, however, is to look for the fine print and see as to how long the zero percentage will last. The first thing to watch on such offers is to see whether it is a fixed APR or not. If it is not, then be prepared for an interest shoot up after the offer expires. Most likely it is an offer for a limited period of time, say, one year at the most.
The second thing to look for is for is as to how large a balance transfer will be allowed. Maybe your debt is huge and the offer is not valid in your case.

The 0% on balance transfer offers not only appear to be but are actually beneficial in case you can take some time off to go through the offer properly and not get lured only by the 0 percentage that the offer states. Handled intelligently, such 0% balance transfer helps in reducing the amount of interest payable by you every month.

The World Wide Web is a very convenient place to look for offers of 0% on balance transfer offers. All it requires is to punch 0% on balance transfers on your search engine and it will give you a view of myriads of such offers floating around and that too by reputable companies. Compare and sift through the offers, not forgetting to read the finer print. If you keep in mind what to be beware of, most likely you will be able to locate one that will benefit you and save you a lot of money too.