Do Gas Credit Cards Reward You at the Pump?

by : Gary L. Scurry

Gas Credit Cards are meant for saving money, keeping in view the high gas prices. You have a variety of cards to choose from, and each one has a different offer. These cards offer you a rebate up to 5% on purchase of gas and also other items like grocery. The rebate is lower in the case of purchase of items other than gas. When you have earned cash back of $50 all you have to do is obtain the check from your credit card issuer.

Certain Gas Credit Cards offer comparatively higher rebates on hotel reservations and travel including flights and car, and also double rewards for the initial bills. Certain other credit cards have come up with innovative ideas like rebate on purchase of automotive parts, no interest on purchases for a certain number of days after the billing date etc. Though you are on the look out for such incentives you should be sure if you are actually going to use them, and are not going to incur loss for the kind of rewards you do not actually require.

There is ambiguity regarding any introductory offer, and before taking a decision you should pay special attention to the fine print. You can notice that in many cases the percentage of rebate offered by the Gas Credit Cards drop dramatically to less than half after a certain number of days. And even though you are happy with the functioning of your credit card the issuer may change the terms and conditions or add a clause, suddenly to your disadvantage.

Also the rebates may not be offered at all the gas stations, which may cause you inconvenience and also sometimes extra gas. Your effort always must be cash in on the rebate, you have to request for a check or money to be transferred into your account, instead of waiting for them to pay you, as the rebates may cease to exist after a given period. If you intend to carry a balance like majority of the credit card holders do, you might end up suffering loss on account of the high interest rate. The idea of the Gas Credit Card is to save you a few dollars and not accrue debt.

Because of the stiff competition in credit card business the companies are always on the look out for innovative methods to attract customers. As gas is something everyone buys, teaming up with a gas company means better business. On the other hand the gas companies themselves offer credit cards which can be used at only those gas stations. Rebates are offered for purchase of gas and items on sale at the particular gas station. Sole gas station credit cards generally offer more discounts, and in case of a gas station in your neighborhood it is a good idea, unless you are going on a trip and you run out of gas. Other advantages of using these cards besides the rebate is that you need not carry cash and expenditure on gas will not be mixed up with regular expenditure.

If you are particular about monitoring the expenditure on gas these cards offer monthly statements with list of purchase. Like other credit cards you may watch out for annual fee or other hidden charges in case of the Gas Credit Cards too.

Gas Credit Cards are credit cards that help you reduce travel expenses by offering rebate on purchase of gas, and also on certain other purchases.