Tips to Use to Compare Cash Back Credit Cards

by : Susan Slobac

Have you ever considered credit cards with cash back? These unique financial instruments actually pay you back when you use them for qualified purchases. You'll find many available from all the major credit card companies, including both American Express and Visa cash back credit cards. In addition, similar programs are offered by Mastercard and Discover.

When you decide to compare cash back credit cards, you'll want to consider the types of purchases you'll be making, as this will help you in making a determination of which credit cards with cash back will best serve your needs.

Cash back credit cards are available from a wide variety of sources, including banks, retail stores and oil companies. Here's a tip: if you have an opportunity to join a credit union, do it - because all cards offered by these non-profit, member-run alternatives to banks, including credit cards with cash back, typically offer much lower interest rates as well as other fees. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of cash back credit cards.

Gas cash back credit cards are fairly common, and as more and more fuelling stations become automated, are very convenient as well. The only drawback is that gas back credit cards are useful only at stations owned and operated by the corporation that issue them.

The same is true of what are known as "house" credit cards with cash back. These are issued by specific retailers, and while they can often be used almost anywhere, you'll only get cash rewards when you shop with that particular retailer. It can still save you a great deal however, especially if the house card offers some type of "rewards" program; this usually translates into generous discounts on many kinds of merchandise.

Cash back credit cards that offer rewards allow the cardholder to earn such useful things as frequent flyer miles, special pricing on entertainment and dining, and even actual cash deposits into your bank account.

Again, it's a good idea to compare cash back credit cards, as well as read and thoroughly check the terms of the agreement carefully before signing the application. Make sure that the card will actually be of benefit for you, and take note of any limitations - for example, is that offer for 5% cash back for as long as you hold the card, or does it expire six months down the road? Will the interest rate change? What kind of fees are assessed and for what?

Doing due diligence before signing up will insure that the credit cards with cash back provide you with real benefits.