Capitol One Credit Card Offers Premium Credit Services

by : Kerry Ng

The Capital One Credit Card Company started back in 1995 and over the past ten years, it has become one of the top credit card companies. They offer their services to Canada, the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

The Capital One credit cards offer a variety of cards; enough to suit anyone's credit history and credit needs. They have their premium credit offerings for people who have excellent credit and these cards offer some of the most usable rewards in the credit card business.

The Premium Credit Cards

Capitol One credit cards are for people with excellent credit; Excellent credit meaning a person has had credit for least five years and that the credit card has a limit of at least ten thousand dollars. This person has an excellent track record of making their payments on time.

The Capital One credit cards are available from both MasterCard and Visa, which means the customer can choose their credit company along with their benefit package. Some of the benefits including travel reward miles, cash back rewards and a special annual percentage rate.

For People With A Good Start

For people who have good credit, but not excellent, Capital One also have cards for these people too. These cards also have great reward programs and are available from both MasterCard and Visa. These are known as platinum cards, which mean they will have a credit limit of over $5000 and a low annual percentage rate plus no annual fees in most cases. The platinum cards are perfect for people who already own a credit card with a limit of over $5000 and have held good credit for least five years. These cards are a little more forgiving and will allow their holders to have made a late payment or two in their credit history; as long as it wasn't over two months late.

For Customers Who Need Help Building Credit

Capitol One credit cards will offer cards with smaller spending limits and credit requirements which are easier for people with no credit or who have had problems managing their credit in the past; these cards will often have credit limits under 5,000 dollars.

Because of their limited credit history these cards will charge an annual membership fee, however the customer will still be able to take advantage of rewards programs and build their credit with by making on time payments and gradually getting their credit limit raised as they show their credit worthiness.