Finding Yourself The Right Credit Card

by : Court Tuttle

We all know that the financial world is filling up with more and more credit card everyday. Credit card companies are always working on different rewards programs for new card holders. They are also competing with other companies, which results in the best interest rates for consumers.

Just as these companies have their job of creating the best credit cards for consumers, you have the similar job of finding the best one for you, and it is not always an easy task. With so many financial need and so many financial option, the decision could be a hard one to make.

Before applying for or even shopping for your credit card it is important to know it needs and also your credit score. The best credit cards are reserved for those with good credit and you wouldnt want to be turned down if you are very under qualified. Figure out which credit card features you will need the most, such as a 0% APR on balance transfers for the first twelve months.

While searching for some of the best credit cards around, we came across the Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card. This card offers a 0% APR on all balance transfers and purchases for the first six billing cycles. After the introductory period, they offer an APR of 10.24%, depending on your good credit score.

This is a great offer for those consumers that need to make a balance transfer due to high interest credit card rates. You will be able to transfer the balance without a fee and pay it off, interest free, for up to six months.

This credit card is a great deal, but could there be a better card for your needs? Are you looking for a card that offers rewards on top of low introductory rates? If you credit is great, you should expect more from your credit card.

The Capital One No Hassle Cash rewards card is for those with excellent credit who are looking for cash back. This card gives you 1% back on all purchases, and then an extra 25% bonus cash back on all the money you earned throughout the year.

If you are a big spender when it comes to credit cards, this is a great way to save some cash on the things you buy. One percent might not seem like much, but it sure adds up quickly.

Besides the two we discussed above, there are many other great offers for those that have good or excellent credit scores. Assessing your credit card needs and wants is important when searching for credit cards to ensure that you find the best credit card for you.

Rewards such as airline miles and cash back for paying your bills on time are excellent ways to use your credit card to its full advantage. To make sure that you always receive the best interest rate and rewards, always pay your credit card bill off in full each month and always pay your bills on time.