Understanding A Credit Card Balance Transfer

by : Ajeet Khurana

Have you recently received an offer for a credit card balance transfer and you are wondering what it is all about and if it if something that you should consider? Most of us have heard of a credit card balance transfer but they are not too sure what it is and if it is something that they can take advantage of.

The fact is, if you have some outstanding balances with credit card companies out there you may want to consider taking advantage of one of these opportunities. Many times you can save money and reduce stress by taking advantage of these offers that are sent your way.

The Credit Card Balance Transfer Explained

So you received the offer and you are not really sure what it is. Basically, you are being asked if you would like to move the debts that you have with one credit card company to another credit card company. Are you wondering why you would possibly do this? Everyone does it for different reasons, but there are a couple of reasons out there that really do make sense and are in your best interest to take advantage of the deal.

The first reason that you would want to take advantage of this deal is because the offer is giving you a better interest rate than you currently have. For instance, if you have a credit card balance that you are currently paying 29% on and you receive a balance transfer offer for 20%, you might as well transfer the balance to the new card and save on the interest.

Why spend more on interest than you have to when you have an offer sitting right in front of you that will allow you to keep the money in the bank or at least continue to make the same payment but actually pay more than interest?

Another reason that people accept credit card balance transfer offers is because they are tired of dealing with their current credit card company. If you are behind on your payments and you are tired of the harassing phone calls and you just want to be done with it, you can transfer the balance and be done with the company for good.

Of course, you will need to continue to make timely payments with the new company if you want to stay out of this situation but at least you know you are done dealing with the nagging phone calls from the previous credit card company.

Many people find that they can transfer their credit card balances for a lot less interest than they are currently paying. In fact, there are deals that will allow you to transfer balances to 0% interest cards. Could you imagine how much more of your debt you could pay off if you stopped accruing interest? You would be amazed at just how much you are currently paying in interest and you would find yourself debt free a lot sooner! Balance transfers simply make good sense!