Easy Steps to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

by : Barbara Camie

It's true that the fraud frequently happens, but there are some simple actions that you can take to protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Online use -
The most significant rule to follow is to pick only secured and trusted sites for online shopping through credit card. You can also recognize a safe site looking for a yellow symbol of padlock that appears in his browser, and by the address with ' https' instead of 'http'. The assured sites encrypt all important information while transferring them through internet, meaning that it's difficult for someone to collect your credit card particulars. You must never give the details of your credit card in an e-mail because there is no implied coding and there is always a danger to get intercepted by a fraudster. Finally, always be up to date with your virus protection and be sure your computer is free from spywares.

Offline use -
Keep your card into your eyesight when paying for a purchase. This will reduce the opportunity to make a copy of your card by the merchant. It is not recommended to send the details of your credit card by the fax, because you do not have any control on how long the fax will be left neglected in the end of reception. Your credit card details can be disclosed on the telephone only if you were that who made the call, and you are sure that you are speaking to an authentic person. If somebody asks your credit card detail claiming that he is from the card issuer company, ask him a telephone number to call back and verify that it's the correct number.

General -
Never store the pin written down in your purse or wallet, as if you lose your wallet the fraudster will have both your card as well as the pin. Also, cancel your lost card immediately so that the person who will get the card can't make a huge purchase with it. Check your statement immediately for any unauthorized figures. If you stain something you are uncertain of, call immediately to your credit card company and ask for more details.

All these could look like many of work, but remember you can't say anything about credit card fraud until it happened to you. If you become a victim of credit card fraud after following the above steps, that would be very unlucky and the amount of your damage will be very small.