Compare Credit Cards

by : Jay Blaze

The use of liquid cash has long ceased, since the advent of plastic. Today, credit cards are the preferred mode of transaction the world over. Businessmen and even shoppers prefer the exchange of cash via credit card, rather than carry around liquid cash and the risk involved. Credit cards are basically a cash transfer mode that is operated by the various financial institutions and banks. They make credit available in return for repayment at a later date and with a set and pre determined rate of interest, which varies from one institution to another. The convenience of using a credit card lies in the reduced need to carry or handle liquid cash and the availability of purchasing power, without the presence of cash.

There are different types of credit cards and they differ on the interest charged, the denomination and the institution. The different kinds of credit cards are:

Platinum visa credit cards: These cards are offered for an introductory period of a year, at no annual fee charged at all. The card offers free travels services and Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance.

Express credit cards: These cards are available for an introductory offer that lasts for 15 months. With the regular APRs that are really low, the card is a success in the business world and that of the layman.

Free cash rewards credit cards: These cards are popular for the collection of points per purchase and no annual fee charged to the card holder.

Open road credit cards: These cards offer cashback bonuses on every gas and auto maintenance. The no annual fee charged and balance transfers are attractive and have stream lined a dedicated segment.

Discover More credit cards: The Discover More cards offer a special percentage to every online purchase with the cards. There is no annual fee or introductory APR applicable with the Discover More cards and this makes them even more attractive to the businessman and the regular shopper.

Shy Miles credit cards: These cards are designed for the frequent flyer and the businessman. They offer bonus miles on every purchase and the points are doubled when the card is used at a supermarket, pharmacy or gas station.

The amount of availability of credit cards makes the choice of any one very difficult. Gone are the days when clientele became frustrated at the lack of accurate and easily accessible information about the different credit card companies. Today, the various credit card companies actually pursue the clients, via an extensive data base. The online accessibility enables you to obtain all the information you need on the rates of interest the special offers and the credibility offered. All you need to do is type in the preferred card, review your options, identify with the option that works best for you and complete a credit card application online. The card is mailed to you in little or no time at all. The credit card eliminates the disappointment that accompanies the non availability of funds, especially when you see something you really want to indulge in. The bulging wallet is now a thing of the past and the sleek and easy to handle credit cards are here to stay.