Getting the Best No Interest Credit Cards

by : Sean Byrne

For many a consumer out there in the world of Credit card finance, one of thee number one priorities is to obtain a credit card with a low interest rate. Some people are good at paying their credit card bills on time, these people are not so enthusiastic about low interest rate cards as they pay their bills on time. But by enlarge, low interest rates are what most of us look for. There are many great credit cards out there in the market that offer just that, for an introductory period that is. Lets take a look at some of the more prominent credit cards that offer no interest for an introductory time frame.

Bank of America Visa Signature World Points Rewards

This credit card offers zero interest on all balance transfers for the first twelve billing cycles (with billing cycles done on a monthly basis). This offer may not be for those who want zero interest on their purchases or cash advances, but can be attractive if balance transfers are your main priority. It also excels in its offer of a low 9.99% APR on all purchases, which is a fairly attractive rate, and a good deal for those with an excellent credit history. The World Points program works to give the consumer points for ever dollar spent on retail purchases. These points can then be redeemed for cash, merchandise, travel, and more. There are no annual fees, and there exists a fairly wide program of discounts available through select merchants.

GM Flexible Earnings Card

The GM Flexible Earnings Card offers the same introductory rate of 0%, but this is only for balance transfers. Still, this is an excellent option and enticing incentive for those with high balances on other credit cards they wish to get rid of. It offers a middle of the road 14.24 % APR on all purchases, and a full 1% cash back option, as well as earnings toward a new vehicle. There is no annual fee.