The Top 3 Chase Credit Cards

by : Eric Wasselman

This card's introductory APR is 0%, which is available for twelve months, which is applied to all purchases as well as balance transfers. However, the fine print states that after a review of customer's credit history, 0% APR on balance transfer can be reduced to a period of three months. The regular APR will be 13.99%.

Chase Platinum is also a rewards earning card, so card holders earn one point for every dollar spent. Rewards can be for travel, gift certificates or purchases. Other benefits include $500,000 automatic travel accident insurance which is applicable even if your accident happens in another country.

Chase Travel Platinum Visa

Holders of this card earn one mile per dollar spent. These points can be redeemed at airlines, hotels, for car rentals and even for cruises. Awards are redeemable from over two hundred and fifty airlines.

You get twelve months introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. The regular APR after this introductory period is 13.99%. There is also an annual fee of Twenty-nine dollars to use this card.

The Chase Travel Platinum is a great choice for frequent flyers.

Chase Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa

Lastly, this card has no annual fees and starts off with a twelve month 0% APR. The annual regular APR is 13.99%.

Your first purchase can rack up as much as one thousand (1000) bonus points (Conditions apply so read the fine print). Points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, travel or purchases at select establishments.

Chase Flexible Rewards also allows balance transfers from other cards.

To qualify for this card, applicants must have a good credit rating.