The Top 3 Discover Credit Cards

by : Eric Wasselman

All new Discover card holders get started at 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. This rate is for one full year; however after twelve months the regular rate is 10.99%. This card has no annual fee for using it, plus users have the benefit of knowing that there is a zero dollar fraud liability protection.

A five percent cash back bonus is available for some purchases with the Get More Program. The Get More program never stops as long as you use the card. Some purchases earn one percent cash back. Redeem your points for gift certificates and cards and you double your rewards, that is, if your reward was Thirty dollars it become Sixty dollars.

The Miles Card from Discover

This card allows new customers to earn a twelve thousand bonus miles on signing up. The Miles Card from Discover, like most cards currently, offers a 0% introductory APR as an incentive to sign up. The introductory period for this card is twelve months, but after this time the regular APR of 10.99% becomes applicable.

The Miles Card has no blackout dates so customers can use their rewards to travel anytime.

Discover Platinum Gas card

This card gives a five percent cash back reward on gas purchases. Purchases and balances incur no interest for twelve months, however the regular APR rate is 10.99%. There are also no annual fees attached to the card. Card holders are also safe from fraud liability if the card is stolen or lost.