Do not Sign your Credit Card!

by : Thomas Zimmerman

There are a number of ways to protect your credit and credit card. Today I would like to write about the easiest and probably the least known method concerning protecting your from fraudulent use.

Why should you sign on the back of your credit card? While many may think so, this is not necessarily the best way to protect your credit card from deceptive activity in case of loss or theft.

While it is not compulsory for you to sign on the back of your , it is a protective measure to prevent against any misuse particularly if your card is lost or stolen. The signature allows the merchant establishment to carry out an on the spot authentication process.

However, there is a little known way that I have found to be the best way of having the same effect if not superior to signing your card.

Where you normally would sign your , simply write these two little words: SEE ID!

Can you see how that works? It protects you from the clerk or salesperson that does not check ID'S. It also gives a potential thief a lot more to think about if you lose your card and they try to use it. They have no idea what your signature looks like do they?