Instant Approval Credit Cards

by : Jagan babu vasudevan

The Credit Card companies have introduced a new trend in credit cards known as Instant Credit Card approval. The advantages of this cards are that you don't need to wait days to know your status of the application and weeks to recieve your card. You can know whether you're eligible to get this card or not with in minutes escpecially while applying online. Most of the people people opt for this card in emergency situations like, going for a vacation, need to pay some bills.

Instant Approval Credit Cards
There are some specific instant credit card offers available in markets. Here are six credit cards that gives you instant approval. Lets see their benefits and detailed descriptions.

1) Johnny Cash™ Prepaid MasterCard® Card
This card comes with a slogan called If You Love Cash... You'll Love this Card!. This card offers $2500.00 Max Value and all the applications are 100% approved!. There is no employment required, no security deposit, no credit checks, no turndowns and there is no annual fee.

2) New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa® or MasterCard®
The Intro APR is 19.5% and there is no intro period. The annual fee for this card is $59. There is no credit check required to get this card and its approved regardless of credit history. Provides credit limits up to $10,000 and reports to all 3 BUREAUS. The card member can get cash at over 740,000 ATMs. Provides various facilities such as emergency cash transfers, Auto rental insurance, $100,000 travel accident insurance, Extended warranty protection and Special High Introductory Savings Rate.

3) Imagine® Gold Card
Its an unsecured credit card. The Intro APR is 19.75% and there is no Intro period. The annual fee is $100. This card increases the regular credit line of its card members and reports to all 3 Credit Bureaus!. The special feature of this card is all applications are accepted.

4) NMB Secured Black Diamond
This is a special credit card introduced by Millennium Bank.  The guarantees credit approval for up to $10,000 with both visa and mastercards in secured credit. Provides approval process regardless of applicants credit history. The credit limit is up to $10,000. Card members can get cash at over 740,000 ATMs. No credit check required.

  • NMB Secured Black Diamond Visa®
    The Intro APR is 19.5% and there is no intro period. The annual fee for this card is $59. 
  • NMB Secured Black Diamond Mastercard®
    The Intro APR is 19.5% and there is no intro period. The annual fee for this card is $59. 

5) Horizon Gold Credit Card
Just few words are enough to understant about this special offer. Provides Guaranteed Approval, Bad Credit Accepted, No Employment Check and reports to Major Bureau.