Make Sure you Get a Low Apr Credit Card

by : Art Taylor

The APR is likely the single most important factor for determining which credit card is the right one for any given person. The amount of APR that you may have to pay on your credit card could save, or cost you a lot of money. Low APR credit cards are those with a low annual percentage rate, which is the amount of interest that will be paid on your credit card loan. Don't pay too much for credit cards; get the low APR credit cards that really save you money.

Low APR credit cards with low annual fees and rewards are a good option for many people looking for credit cards, so don't be afraid to go to a credit card company offering a low apr credit card. People who allow the negative balance on their credit card to roll over from month to month will want and need a low APR credit card. If you are one of those people, then APR would be the most important factor for you. Low APR credit cards are a must for anyone who knows that they will be paying interest on their credit card. With a low APR credit card, people have the freedom to buy the things they need and the ability to pay their debt back easier and faster. Those who pay off their balance month to month may never notice the benefits of a low APR card, but if ever they are unable to pay off the balance because of an emergency or large purchase, a low APR will be very convenient for them.

Try not to be dazzled by all the card incentives, remember, the APR is supposed to be what you're after, and the additional sparkly, shiny offers are rewards for smart credit usage. In fact, the only time people are likely to want a higher APR credit card is when the benefits of the card outweigh the cost of the interest rate. Sometimes certain low APR credit cards are not available to new customers without a balance transfer. Usually companies use an extremely low APR to attract new customers, especially those interested in making balance transfers. Other lenders offer an APR on purchases as low as 0 percent but only for one year, and then, the APR rises to the standard rate.

Since nobody wants to pay a higher than average interest rate on a credit card balance, it is worth looking for a card that offers a lower than average APR. The lower the APR (annual percentage rate), the lower your payments, and that equals more money in your pocket. You can also search on the Internet for sites that give the best low apr credit card ratings. Even with questionable credit, you have the power of the internet at your fingertips, so you can search hundreds of credit card offers that are all battling for your business, and many will offer you the most competitive APR's and overall interest rates or rewards to get and maintain your business. Lower APR credit cards really help any consumer out by giving them a little leeway to pay off balances with little penalty and little interest being built up, instead of an endless cycle of revolving debt that so many of us have found ourselves stuck in at one time or another, or currently.

When combining credit cards and annual percentage rates, the best formula results in low APR credit cards. Even if you have every intention of paying the card balance off each month, circumstances may result in carryover for a month or more. Having a low APR credit card makes paying the extra cost a little easier to handle. So shrewdly analyze your ability to pay off debt, and then examine many of the introductory offers for the lowest possible APR for the longest period of time and remember it is best to check out each company and compare their Low APR credit cards, because they may be the lowest for the first year and then they could be among the highest after their promotional period is over.