Avoid Credit Card Debt

by : muellerduran

Credit card debt comes from improper use of the credit cards. Though, built for our convenience the credit card drives a big number of people into credit card debt. Credit cards on their own cannot drive anyone into difficult financial situation, its how you use them matters the most. Some people use credit card to build their credit history and improve their financial situation, others squander it away. This article takes a look at 5 important tips which can help you avoid credit card debt.

Built a reservoir for emergency

Emergencies don't warn us beforehand, they just catch us wrong footed cause serious damage. Emergencies demand urgent financial investments, and paying them with credit card can cause a serious financial crisis. Saving a small amount every month for unexpected situation is the best way to tackle them. Though, the financial demands caused by emergency situation can far exceed your existing savings and paying by credit card remains the only option. But, the savings can help you out in repaying and keeping the credit card debt to a minimum. This will help a great deal in avoiding credit card debt since, a great part of credit card debt accumulate during emergencies.

Get rid of multiple credit cards

Multiple credit card, which are difficult to repay and monitor cause excessive burden on finances. Juggling with repayment schedules cause some of them to be missed, resulting in a negative credit rating. Unless absolutely essential avoid extra credit cards. Many people don't have credit cards and still spend their life comfortably. They don't have to worry about credit card debts. However, by the amount of convenience they bring to our life, credit cards have become a necessity. But, keeping only the minimum needed, will help avoid things from getting uglier when it comes to repayment.

Don't take cash advances

If a credit card has regular APR of 10% it doesn't mean that it will apply to every kind of transaction with that credit card. Different APR rates apply for different types of transactions. And cash advance attract the highest rates of interest - it could be double, or even more than that of the regular APR. The problem is compounded by cash advance fees which can range between 3-5% or more depending on the credit card company. Any cash advance with credit card is a loan on very high interest rate. The best thing is to avoid it at all costs and if urgency demands it, make sure to repay it in full with the next repayment.

Be within your financial limits

This point though repeated a million times, is still ignored by the masses and hence it drags them into credit card debt. Budgeting your expenses and keeping track of wasteful expenditure will help you save a lot with little financial discipline. Try to pay little expenses with cash and detest the habit of swiping for everything.

Repay on time

Remember the repayment dates and follow repayment schedule like a religion. There are numerous benefits of doing so. It keeps you in the good books of credit card company, with improving credit score. This will help in getting credit cards, and loans with better terms. Repaying on time avoids, stresses, builds confidence, and doesn't give a chance to the nagging calls of credit recovery agents. By not repaying your credit card bills on time, you risk a lot in terms of negative remarks on credit report, credit card debt and tricky financial situations which can be taxing both on your financial as well as mental situation.