Credit Card Tips Etc

by : Richard Gilliland

Three major credit bureaus keep information on your credit history. You should locate some of these companies and find out what is in your credit report before trying to determine a credit card that suits you.

If you are denied a credit card, the company who denied you is required to tell you the name, address and phone number of the company who they received the credit report from. You can notify this company within 30 days of receiving your denial notice in order to see what is affecting your credit.

The higher your credit score the more risk you are to lenders. With a low credit score most will consider you a bad risk therefore will not generally approve you for a credit card or loan. If you have a bad credit history there are a few things you can do to right this burden. The more you use these cards and the more you pay back, your score will eventually go up. It will take time and patience, but eventually lenders will consider you a good risk for loans and credit cards alike. Secured credit cards from your bank is also another way of helping your credit. With a secured card you are going to give the card company your bank account number and they will give you a line of credit.

In general anyone that is that is over 18 and with a good income or a good credit history can get a credit card. Every credit card company has different policy's on who they will accept for their credit cards. Some credit card company's charge an annual fee and some do not. Also some company's may charge this fee on certain cards they provide. When looking for a credit card you will see APR alot, this means annual percentage rate. This is measure by the cost of credit which is a yearly interest rate. Generally this will fluctuate from year to year. Most of the credit card companies provide different incentives or rewards programs for choosing a credit card. Some have gas cards, some have cash back and quite a few have frequent flyer miles. Its up to you to do your best in searching, comparing and applying for these credit cards. Find one that will best suit your spending habits and needs.