Benefit From the Advanta Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

by : Richard Gilliland

Founded by Jack Alter in 1951, the Advanta Bank has moved on to become the largest provider of small business cards in Pennsylvania. A member of FDIC, the bank has brought for its customers an extraordinary card, the Advanta Platinum Business Card.

If you are a business owner and want to have/transfer your business expenses in a single credit card account, earning rewards and rebates on your business purchases at the same time, then the Advanta Platinum Business Card is the credit card for you. The card will suit all your business needs.

The card brings a host of Advanta Cash Back Credit Card rewards for you at every step. Anyhow, applicants should analyze the terms and conditions provided by the card issuer carefully.

Features Of The Card

Unlike most of the credit cards offering rebate and reward programs, Advanta Platinum Business Card does not charge any annual fee. There is a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on balance transfers offered for the initial fifteen months. Even after the termination of the introductory period, the APR of the card remains very reasonable and it is fixed at 7.99%.

Benefits Of The Card

The greatest benefits of the Advanta Platinum Business Card are the Advanta Cash Back Credit Card rewards. The card provides up to 5% rebate or cash back on the qualified purchases including new computers and computer supplies, gasoline, office supplies, electronics, diesel fuel and online advertising.

You will also be receiving specialized services like a personalized card design and free business checks as part of the Advanta Cash Back Credit Card rewards program. On using your card online, you will get a 1% rebate. Furthermore, you will be receiving a check worth $50 when your earned rewards reach the $50 amount in a billing cycle.

The rewards program of the card will enable you to earn one reward point for spending one dollar on purchases with the card. You can redeem your points for pre-paid cards, merchandise, bonus and gift cards or for traveling. You can literally earn unlimited number of points, but you should redeem the points within three years or they will become invalid.

Other Benefits

The Business Card also provides the benefits of a platinum credit card, like rental car insurance, online account access for easy account monitoring, itemized expense reports, personalized billing date, purchase protection and extended warranty coverage on your purchases, etc. You can also avail different discounts for the many products and services at certain merchants.

The card will be favorable for you if you carry a balance occasionally (not always). This way the Advanta Platinum Business Card will prove very beneficial and bring you best services and benefits.