Credit Card Benefits

by : Ken Sharp

Credit cards have many wonderful benefits that will help the cardholder along their journey. Credit cards have been around for many years and are used by more than 80% of people. There are many great ways to use a credit card that will really save you lots of time and aggrivation. Using a credit card is fast, easy and fun.

Using a credit card for purchasing products through direct mail catalogs, over the telephone or over the internet is much easier and a lot faster than sending out a check or money order. You will recieve the item faster too, because you will not have to wait for your check or money order to get to the company, then wait for them to clear it, then wait for them to send it. With a credit card, your item will be sent out immediately.

Many credit card companies offer incentives for using their credit cards. There are cash back awards, frequent flyer miles, and detailed reports of all your spending.

Credit card companies offer a buyer protection policy. This policy was put into action after all the complaints they have recieved about credit card theft or identity theft. With this poilicy, the cardholder is usualy not liable for any credit card fraud or theft if they report the problem right away. If the cardholder waits too long, they might have to pay up to $50.00 of any charges made on their credit card. If they wait even longer, then they may be liable for all the charges. Once a theif has your credit card, it won't take them long to max it out, leaving you with a huge bill. But if you report it soon enough, usualy you won't have to pay anything. Credit card companies are always working hard to counter credit card theft, because it is the most common problem. Most credit card companies also offer an online account, where the cardholder can go online and view all their purchases immediately. This way, a cardholder can find any fraudulant charges before their next credit card notice come in through the mail.

Most credit card companies offer a thing called float. This is when you have purchased something, but might need a grace period before an interest is due. This is a great policy to use if you have to use your credit card for any type of emergancy or if you have bought a product and need to try it out for awhile before committing to the purchase. This float policy usually last from 20 to 30 days.

There is a credit card score that you need to be aware of. There are many companies who will let you see your credit card score. Your score is very important to companies. They use your score to evaluate if you are a good risk or not to borrow money. The higher your score, the better risk you are. The more you use your credit cards and the more you pay them off on time, will raise your credit score. People with bad credit or no credit could face the facts of higher interest rates until their credit score goes up to a trustworthy amount.

Credit card companies are in a very competitive niche. They are always trying to find new and different ways to get and keep customers. with a little research, you are sure to find the right credit card for you.