American Express Business Cash Rebate

by : Beth Derkowitz

The American Express Business Cash Rebate Credit Card is a solid choice for the business owner that is looking for a good credit card that also provides rewards. If you have good to excellent credit, this low rate credit card may be one of the best on the market to consider. In addition, the rewards program is a cash back program which allows for some flexibility in what it can offer to you.

The details of this credit card are many. First, you will start out with an introductory interest rate of 0% on purchases for the first 12 months that you own the credit account. This is a considerably good offer. In addition, any balance transfers that happens in the first six months will have a lifetime rate of 7.99% until you pay them off. The APR on purchases made after this time is 10.99% variable on purchases, a very low offering. In addition, the APR for cash advances is 22.99% variable. You have no annual fee with this credit card and you have a 25 day grace period to take advantage of.

For rewards, The American Express Business Cash Rebate Credit Card offers a good program with rebates ranging from 1% to 5%. If you spend up to $7500 annually, you will earn 1% in rebates. If you spend from $7500 to $15,000, you earn 5% rebate on those purchases. The rates fluctuate for other purchases as well. There is no yearly limit and no expiration on your rebate with this card either. There are also offers for free rebates just for opening the account. Finally, you will also find rewards by allowing other cardholders help you to earn them. Additional cardholders will earn the same rebates for your account as you do, making this a completely rewarding business account.

The American Express Business Cash Rebate Credit Card allows individuals to find the needs that they have in expenses for their business. They will be able to use this credit card as much as they need to and will reap the rewards of the cash back reward. It is important to take note of the spending requirements for earning the best rewards.