Instant Credit Card Approval - Is It Truly Instant?

by : Robert Alan

The reality of instant credit card approval is somewhat different from what most people truly think. However, this does not mean that it is not the right decision for many people out there looking for a new credit card.

You see the ads all the time in newspapers, magazines, TV and on the Internet. "Instant Credit Card Approval - Apply Today!" Now you think to yourself, I could do with a new credit card, especially some instant approval credit cards. I'll apply now and have my application sitting on their desk tomorrow, and have a new card by the end of the week. You might even use the Internet and get your instant approval credit card online. All you need to do is fill in an online form and you'll get your card by mail in a day or two. It's that simple! Isn't it?

Well the reality of actually receiving instant approval credit cards this way may be a little different. When companies advertise instant credit card approval, their definition of instant and your definition may be somewhat different. Now, to you or me applying for instant approval credit cards means you get your card back instantly - right away. Now for most of the credit card company's the meaning of instant approval should read -we will start processing your application immediately.

The credit company will check your credit using the information available from credit bureaus. They normally search for information regarding your past credit history and your current status. It's normal for a bank or credit card lender to get three or more of these reports and analyze them to make sure they make the right decision whether to give you credit or not. Unless you have an exceptionally good credit rating, sometimes as high as the top 4% in the country, then there's no way you will get instant credit card approval. This type of search and analysis will take up to three days maybe longer. Yes-even if you have applied for an instant approval credit card online. They will still perform the same searches. It's going to be at least four to five days but usually longer (a week or two) before your card will reach you.

If you have poor credit rating it's probably not worth your while applying for an instant approval credit card online. When you get to the website of the majority of lenders, you'll find it says these instant credit card approval offers are normally only available to people who have a good credit rating. It's important you look closely at the terms and conditions stated by the card issuer or bank. Although most of them will state clearly that to be considered for these kind of instant approval credit cards you must have a good credit rating, it's still worth applying. The companies aren't going to break the rules, but they may bend them slightly if your credit rating is near to their qualifying standard. Don't forget card companies and banks need customers, the person that's dealing with your application may well take a chance and approve your application.

You may be lucky and receive notification quickly that you have been approved for an instant approval credit card online. The card will be mailed to you, you receive it and you can then go and buy whatever you want. That is quite a common misconception for people who apply for instant approval credit cards. They think they have instant access to the credit that's been approved. A lot of banks and credit card companies will have a process where you have to validate the card, normally by phone.

As you can see, although instant credit card approval isn't quite as instant as you might expect, it's still a lot quicker than the old way of sending an application by snail mail, and waiting weeks for approval, so why not take look at the options available and apply today? An instant approval credit card online might just be what you have been waiting for.