Online Marketing Prospects and Competition

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When you prepare to market your online business, you often envision placing your advertising in front of endless streams of prospects waiting for those to step forward and enroll in your business. Unfortunately for you, those endless lines of prospects are also waiting for you to enroll in their online business.

Remember what advertising is all about: "Find a Need and Fill It!" We often lose track of the purpose of our online advertising (and off line advertising as well). STOP SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, SELL SOLUTIONS AND BENEFITS!

We are going to address 2 aspects of internet marketing in this article and one of offline marketing. In my last article, ("Make Money Online When They Say Yes or No"), I promised to discuss marketing in "both directions". (Be sure to find this article on my marketing blog if you haven't already read it.) By "marketing in both directions", I'm referring to marketing to enroll people in your primary business as well as enroll new signups in your marketing system. The marketing system that I am referring to is the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". Again, I will refer you to my blog to read the article that discusses the need for this type of system: ("Why is Directly Marketing Your Online Business Wasting Time and Money")

For the purposes of this article, let's wrap together Solutions and Benefits (the concepts we are selling) into the term: "Solution Marketing". We have 2 Solutions to fulfill in the process of marketing our home based business.
1.We are marketing a solution for our prospects that our product our service of our primary business can fulfill.
2.We are marketing a solution for our prospects (that are not interested in our home based business and are engaged in their own) that our marketing system can fulfill.

These are 2 totally different directions and 2 different marketing plans that we will use the same "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System" to provide the 2 solutions for. As mentioned before (We are going to address 2 aspects of internet marketing in this article and one of offline marketing.), we will combine these aspects and marketing plans into this discussion.

Solution Marketing #1- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to build our primary business opportunity.
When we are marketing to build our own business opportunity, there are 2 problems that we want to solve for our prospects. The first is the help them start a home based business that will assist them in fulfilling financial goals. The second is to solve a problem for our prospects that the products or services of our home based business can remedy for them. To give you an example, if you are marketing a nutritional business, you would specify how the products would benefit their health or help them with weight problems.

Some of this is a little foggy but it will be further refined in another article that will be published soon. The next article will assist your understanding of the order related to this marketing system. That article is: ("Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects")

In Solution Marketing #1, we will market this online with advertising campaigns designed to target prospects that are specifically looking to join a home based business opportunity. These advertising campaigns will be directed to advertising methods such as search engine advertising and ezine advertising in ezines that focus on new people to the make money online crowd.

Solution Marketing #2- Using the Funded Marketing Sponsoring System to MARKET TO YOUR COMPETITION.
The goal really isn't to "market to your competition", but to "sort" your prospects. This will be better explained in the article: ("Make Money Online by Sorting Your Prospects"). Just for the sake of a basic understanding, you are separating the tire-kickers from the car buyers.

This is the most important reason for using the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". When your prospect looks at your marketing system, "IF" they see the potential, they will use the system regardless of whether or not they join your business opportunity. The "SYSTEM" is designed to market any business and offset the cost of advertising your primary business opportunity. The "SOLUTION" you offer your prospect is "How to Successfully Market Online and to Make Money Online" whether or not your prospect joins your primary business opportunity.

This is a win/win situation for you and your prospect. When you help your prospect make money in his/her own home based business, if they have a problem that your products and services can solve for them, who are they going to call?