How to Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt

by : Zack Nelson

In the present scenario credit card has become an essential means to show their economic status in the society. People use credit cards for all purposes and do not care of the future implication from this act. Mostly all those who possess credit card have an enormous credit card debt. According to a survey, the average family in the United States has $7000 in credit card debt and pays about $1000 in interest each year. This $1000 is just spent for the interest alone and if you can eliminate the credit card debt, the same amount can be utilized for other necessities, savings and investments.

Paying Off Your Debts

The very best way to reduce your credit card debt is to stop using your credit cards. If you have more than one credit card, use the one, which has low interest rate, and use this as emergency card. The emergency card should be used only for emergency purposes, for example, hospitalization, etc.

Simplifying Debt Payment

Before paying the credit card debts, list all your credit card debts and the amount you are paying each month. Pay off the lowest amount from the credit card debt first. Then use that money to start paying off the second lowest amount from the credit card debt and follow the same order. This can make you save much amount, by reducing the interest from your credit card debt.

Another way to pay off your debts is to pay off the highest interest payment from the credit card debt first. This also can lower the interest rate from the credit card debt. Consider consolidation of your debt by utilizing low interest loan (for example, a home loan). Home loans are secured loans with lower interest rates and the interest paid on it is tax is deductible too. By utilizing the above tips, anyone can take control of and can eliminate credit card debt to a significant level.