Free Amortization Schedule Calculators

by : Richard Romando

Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator, a freeware developed by, lets you to calculate mortgages repayments and create amortization tables without extensive knowledge of finance or computers. It allows you to analyze various combinations of loan amounts, interest rates, loan terms, etc. to determine the best possible loan for your budget. It is compatible with Windows 9x, Me, 2000 and XP.

Home Equity Loan by, is intended to calculate loans and mortgages repayments and create amortization schedules. The program will easily calculate loan based upon variable payment frequency and is currency-independent. It can be used with dollars, euros, and pounds, etc. calculating amortization schedules for American, Canadian and UK mortgages, personal loans, car loans and several other kinds of loans.

Loan Calculator ( is amortization software for estimating loan payments on homes, cars and refinances. It supports regional currency settings and works with a broad range of repayment cycles from 1 month to 50 years, including real-time calculations. All you have to do is type loan amount, loan length, annual interest rate, and the program will generate a full loan repayment plan.

Mortgage Payment Calculator ( is financial software designed to estimate monthly expenses on a mortgage. This includes interest payments, property taxes and private mortgage insurance. After entering your mortgage loan amount, loan term and interest rate, the program will generate a full mortgage amortization schedule with charts.

Free Financial Calculator Software ( can be used to perform basic calculator functions, as well as some financial calculations such as cash flow, future value, present values, interest rate, loan or amortization, monthly payment, principal paid, interest paid, balance, effective or nominal interest rate, internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return and net present value.