Increasing Web Traffic

by : toddjir

Many people these days are looking to explode their website traffic. They ask the ultimate question, can it be done? The answer is yes it can.

But, before we cover the how and why's, lets cover why most people quit after some time when trying to gain traffic. The number one reason why most people quit is because they were expecting things to happen overnight.

Oh yes, we have all seen the ads. Get thousands of visitors overnight to your website, and for the most part some of those ads are true. However, what you don't know is that most of it is not targeted or real people.

Stay away from fast solutions because they do not work. Instead understand that things take time. Just as an athlete prepares for a season you need to prepare for traffic. Sure there are some great sports players who make it all look easy, but it took them many years to get where they are now.

You need to understand this if you want to succeed in getting traffic to your website. If you are looking for a quick fix then just walk away now because most of the time it does not happen. You see anything can take time and if you are willing to take the time and do a little work along the way you to can get traffic to your website and lots of it.

You also have to be smart about it. By that I mean you need a plan, something you can follow everyday to make things happen. Once you start to work your plan it will build upon it's self and compound over time. What you want to happen is a viral traffic pattern that will deliver traffic to your website for years to come. What you want is to cover every section of the net where your target market is.

So many people just jump at many ways to get traffic at once, and then they walk away frustrated and fed up. But by understanding that things need to be done in a certain order you will have a much better chance. Now if your time is limited, then you may not see results for a year or more. Yes, it could be less but count on more and you will not get as frustrated.

So, how do you gain traffic and how do you do it for free? Well listen, there are things that have worked for the last six years and are still working today. The thing you have to do is study what works.
Pick one or two things and study them in depth. You need to understand it before you can move on. So, make sure you take the time to learn the first thing you pick.

Below I list the ways that work best today and in the order you should perform them. Once you see them go to a search engine and start to study them. Remember there is much more to this than you will find on the first page of search results.

So what are the ways?

1. Writing articles. Success with articles comes from understanding how to write killer headlines and very informative articles. Articles should never be an ad. You have to remember the internet is the information super highway and that is what people are looking for. So above all try to help people and they will trust you more.

2. Link exchanges and one way links. Exchanging links with other websites can bring you more traffic if done correctly. Remember to always keep it relevant and in line with your business. That way you can please the search engines. Also keep in mind that the search engines are placing less importance on reciprocal links now. So, read all you can about what they are up to. But remember you can gain lots of new traffic this way.

3. Viral strategies. While the two ways listed above can be viral, there are many other ways to gain visitors with viral marketing. Once such way is to prepare a special report and encourage people to pass it on to others.

So in summary, each one of these ways can unlock your stale website and get traffic moving to your site. Just make sure you pick one to start with and study it until you become the expert on it. Learn everything about it. That you can and you will unleash a load of new visitors to your website over time.