Benefiting From Your Network Marketing Leads

by : biggso

So you are having success with your network marketing business, and have just met someone who wants to know more about how to get started. Good for you. This is your first lead. In network marketing, part of your earnings as an independent representative come from your own sales but the best way to make a lot of money is to sign on other representatives. When you do, you will earn a royalty percentage on their sales as well.

The network marketing representatives that you sign up are commonly called your downline. Remember, these people are going to be a major source of income for you, even more so than most of your customers. You always want to treat your downline with respect and courtesy. A few of your customers might begin using the new representative to place their orders with, because of convenience or a long standing friendship. Remember, this happens all the time, and it is nothing to get upset about. You will still be earning a percentage of that customers order. And not only that, you will earn a percentage of every other customer order that your downline representative earns, including customers whom you might have never contacted otherwise. So do not warn your downline to stay away from your customers, this is counterproductive and can offend the very people who will be making you the most money.

Also, think back to when you started your own network marketing career. Did you have questions? Were you ever confused, or did you ever feel lost? Did you have any problems inputting your orders or receiving your products to distribute? The person who helped you become involved in network marketing probably helped you out in all of these situations, and you were grateful for it and motivated by their knowledge and success. The same is true of your downline. Network marketing can seem complex and difficult to some people as they are just learning how to make it work. Giving your leads a little of your time and energy now will create a much better working relationship for you and your downline, a better career for them and more earnings for you. It is truly a wise investment to spend a little of your time nurturing your downline.

Finally, remember to treat your leads like the individuals they are. The business model that works for most of your network marketing leads will not necessarily work for this latest member of your downline. You must be willing to be flexible and think outside the box when it is needed. Remember that every bit of help that you give to your new network marketing lead will be returned to you as money in your pocket!