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If you're an animal lover then you'll be glad to know that these Flying Animals are not harmed with their flinging actions! They actually are pretty fond of being flung about like crazy and their sling-shot feature means that they're always the high-flying centre .

The Slingshot Flying Chicken is the speediest, craziest, coolest chick on the block! The humble, good-hearted chicken is probably the most unsuspecting animal we can think of to fly up to 50ft but the Slingshot Flying Chicken really has astounded us all! The Slingshot Flying Chicken's simple sling-shot mechanism means you can thrust the cock into the air (I say) without a care! Great for feminists! The Slingshot Flying Chickens are up, up and away from KFC's across the land!

No wonder the Flying Chicken holds such an electrifying, stunned glance! If you'd been flung about at speedy 50ft distances, you'd probably look a bit dishevelled too! The Flying Chicken is a quirky animal-adaptation on the free-flying Frisbee! Why not take the Flying Chicken to the park and cluck up a storm of laughter and fun as he travels at worrying heights and speeds! WARNING: The Flying Chicken has a mind of its own and doesn't care where, what or who he lands on! So be sure to keep a beady eye on him! His gorgeously soft fabric and ropey old neck make him one to love and cherish forever! So buy one today and sling (shot) your old toys away!

The Flying Pig is full-blown proof that pigs are more athletic than we actually imagined and can actually fly! We hope you can source all those smug types that promised t he Earth and quickly saved their skins with 'when pigs fly'! All jokes aside, the Flying Pig is an absolute squeal in slingshot entertainment! This pretty pink fine swine's had enough of his trotters and oinking as he goes, flies up to 50ft with his snout in the air like he just don't care!

A worrying rumour was going round the farmyard that the poor Flying Pig was to greet the meat aisle on a next day delivery! The Flying Pig certainly wasn't hanging around to feel the outcome of his fate, so packed in his mud-rolling and went wee, wee, wee all the way to Find-Me-A-Gift to become a circus-like-attraction for all you fun-loving types! The Flying Pig can be flung up to 50ft by simply putting your fingers in the finger-pockets and then pulling back on the feet and releasing! A crackling good laugh all round, the Flying Pig's pretty pink appearance and stunned, shocked look will make you fall for him faster than you can say bacon sarnie! His sensational squealing action will have you roaring with laughter! Buy one today! Play piggy in the middle with the Flying Pig in the park or simply lark about with the Flying Pig in your own pigsty!

If the Flying Pig or Flying Chicken aren't your thing (god knows why!) you may find a friend in the fabulous Flying Monkey! The Flying Monkey is the king of the swingers and with his bandit-styled black eye-mask he's one mad looking monkey! (We're not sure whether he's wearing the mask as a fashion statement or whether he's just robbed a bank but that's monkey business we guess!) The Flying Monkey likes nothing better than to be flung through the trees in the park! This furry brown fellow is sure to drive you, your friends and your kids nuts with excitement as he comes hurtling over from as far as 50ft away! Hey Hey He's the Flying Monkey! Buy one today!

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