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Acre of the Moon - Buy an Acre of Land on the Moon

Buy an Acre of the Moon and own your very own land on the moon at our special offer price of ?18.90! The Acre of the Moon is a fantastic unique, unusual gift that gives you your own lunar estate! This is a gift guaranteed to send a loved one into outer space! Make someone special smile today by buying them an acre of the moon!

The Acre of the Moon is out of this world! Owning land on the moon lets someone special look up to the moon and say "I own an acre of land on the moon!".

Buying an Acre of the Moon means you have the perfect place for your future holiday home. If the three keys to buying property are location, location and location then you can't get any better than a acre sized plot on the Moon can you? And yes you REALLY are buying an official acre of land on the moon!

Buy an Acre of the Moon on Special Offer at ?18.90
The Acre of Moon is a novel, unique gift. Each Acre of the Moon has been carefully mapped and recorded, so no Acre of Moon will ever be sold twice. With each Acre of Moon purchased you will receive a beautifully printed Deed, Constitution, Property Map showing your Acre of the Moon, Mineral Rights for your Acre of the Moon, and a copy of the original Declaration of Ownership all presented in fantastic space age packaging. The deeds for your Acre of the Moon come with a space for the recipient's name to be written in by you or the recipient themselves. There is also a ownership card that you can fill in and send to the Official Lunar Land Registry Company. Unlike other companies, we only sell 100% official land on the moon through the only Registry Company licensed to sell a genuine Acre of the Moon.

The Acre of The Moon is not the only acre of land we sell! Please see below in our related products section to buy an Acre of Land on Mars or an Acre of Land on Venus! Perfect if you believe than men are from Mars and women are from Venus! Why not buy all three acres to make up the set? The perfect gift to go with the Acre of The Moon!

Each Acre of The Moon ownership pack comes complete with: A lunar deed stating the exact co-ordinates of your acre of the moon and confirming your claim to one acre of primo lunar real estate. A document confirming your right to mine any mineral deposits on your acre of land, be they gold, diamonds or lumps of rock and dust. A map of the moon's surface, with your acre of moon land marked clearly upon it. A copy of the Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights, documents detailing the moon's laws and the rights of moon landowners there. A copy of the original Declaration of Moon Ownership. A pre-paid ownership registration card for your acre of the moon (to be completed by yourself and sent off).

Your Acre of The Moon will include, within a space age translucent silver pocket:

1) Acre of Moon Deed - your registration document for one acre of the Moon. The Moon certificate is delivered blank, so either you or the recipient can fill in their name.

2) Acre of Moon Map - which pinpoints exactly where on the lit side of the Moon, your acre of Moon is located

3) The Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights - details the Moon Laws and the purchasers rights to your acre

4) A transcript of the Declaration of Ownership of your Acre of The Moon, filed with the Russian and US governments

5) A document confirming your Mineral Rights to your acre of land on the Moon

6) A postage paid land acre of the moon land registration card - to register your name as the owner of one acre of extra terrestrial land on the Moon!

Own an Acre of The Moon Today!
Acre of Moon - Only ?18.90

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