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Unusual gifts from find-me-a-gift.

As usual www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk have come up with another amazing product, the Eggling a new product that is taking the UK by storm.

Egglings -

Egglings are precious egg flowers or herbs that make great, thoughtful gifts. The eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack the eggling's top and discover a garden ready to grow! Eggling cultivation is easy - egglings seeds are already sown into eggling's fortified peat mixture, just crack the eggling's top (by tapping on the eggling with a spoon), water and place the eggling in a bright spot.

Eggling plants grow for up to five months in the eggling, after which it can be planted directly in soil.

Egglings are extremely popular in Japan where they're hand made from white porous ceramic, the eggling (54mm x 47.5mm) comes with a terra cotta tray and an extra seed pack to insure your personal eggling success and enjoyment. Eight egglings are available: four herbs (basil, Italian parsley, mint, thyme) and four flowers (chrysanthemum, lobelia, phlox, petunia). In its handsome gift box, the eggling makes a clever and delightful gift for the chef, gardener or anyone who loves the cute and curious.

Each Eggling is packaged in a retail display gift box.


Place eggling upright. Crack Egglings top carefully by lightly tapping on it with a spoon.

* CAUTION: Tapping too hard may cause the whole eggling to shatter.

Place the cracked eggling on its terra cotta tray. Water eggling slowly until water begins to drain into the tray from bottom of eggling. Place egglings in bright room with temperature of 60? F or higher.

While seeds are contained inside the eggling in a small white packet, additional seeds are provided to sow to insure success. Over-watering egglings may cause the seeds to sink too deeply causing them not to germinate.

Once seeds sprout, place eggling in a sunny area. Continue adding water to the tray whenever it dries out, to keep the soil moist. Once plant gets a little bushy, prune out egglings shoots to a hearty few to enable full growth.

The eggling contains enough nutrients for plants to grow in it for up to 5 months. When your plant outgrows egglings, transplant eggling directly into the soil of a larger pot so plant can fully mature and bloom (if flower). After transplanting, shatter the eggling into small pieces, adding it to the surrounding soil as fertilizer.

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