Maximal Management With Audio Conferencing

by : Nahshon DeMore

The nature of management is such that it requires the successful manager to do a lot of talking. You tell people what to do and you tell them what not to do. You let people know your expectations and you let people know when they've fallen short of those expectations. Your vocabulary must consist of harsh criticism, high praise, lenitive words and everything in between. A highly communicative creature the successful manager is.

Reach A Wider Audience

Then of course, there are the times when the manager is needed to speak to a group of people. It may be a specific team, a troublesome department, or even the entire staff of a large corporation. It would be ideal if all these people were in a relatively limited geographical area.

However, in a time of rapid globalization, company expansion is a key element of survival. As a result, most companies will probably have offices in various locations. Of course, telephones exist to contact specific individuals, but what happens when the manager wants to talk to a group? No, he doesn't fly them all down to the boardroom at global headquarters. He leverages available technology to minimize communications costs and maximize communications effectiveness. Enter audio conferencing.

Simple and Powerful

Because of today's technology, businesses have huge potential for market reach. It is precisely this mobility that is driving the tremendous growth of audio conferencing. It has never been easier to use audio conferencing. Anytime and anywhere in the world, whether it be mobile, VoIP, or land based networks, you can make a call.

The reason why it is so powerful is that it accomplishes business objectives without the need for a face-to-face meeting. Think about it for a moment. The manager reaps all the benefits of close communication and interaction minus the need for his physical presence. Audio conferencing reduces business costs and saves time. And time is money. That money translates into a cash flow better utilized to fund other high-level business priorities. It just makes good business sense to spend money wisely on what could potentially be a very large cost item on the balance sheet. Mobility is the order of the day and utilizing technology intelligently is necessary.

Audio conferencing is a tool no manager can do without. If your organization is looking for the most effective way to execute its meetings, audio conferencing is the way to go. It unleashes the productivity of your team by leveraging today's vastly interconnected world to bring them closer together and become more effective.

The Profit Motive

There are indeed times that face to face meetings may be more appropriate. However, these instances are few and far between when compared to the regular interactions that a large, multinational organization must be involved in. For those times, audio conferencing offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility that cannot be matched.

At the end of the day, it is precisely this type of powerful tool which will drive your bottom line upward. Isn't that what management is all about?