DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

by : Madeleine M Langlois

Diy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas "It's a wrap, stylish gift wrapping ideas"

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MIY INSTRUCTIONS:Think outside of the box for inspiration this holiday season by making the wrapping part of the gift. I even used clothing accessories such as a black velvet hat adorned with a feathered boa, a tasselled belt, a gold ascot and custom jewellery for savvy accents. Great wrapping concepts begin with fabulous finds such as jars, rice paper, feathers and Christmas tree trimmings. Fabrics such as satin, velour, taffeta, lace, toile prints and iridescent organzas combined with assorted trimmings from fancy elastics, satin piping, beaded fringe, to magnificent ribbons and tassels are key factors to these lavish presentations.Start by pressing all the fabrics and tissue papers with an iron set at a medium to low setting to remove all creases.Here are some left-to-right descriptions and simple how-to's:

1.Toile upholstery fabric for a Renaissance style: roses and peacocks toile fabric, a plaid border, enhance with white fringe trim and a red and gold patterned ribbon. Wrap the present with the fabric, fold and tape just like a regular paper wrapping technique. Secure the folds, check border, fringe trim and ribbon with hot glue.

2.Feathered toile wallpaper fantasy: Wrap the present with the toile wallpaper, fold and tape, to secure the folds, the red and gold braided cord (wrapped around the gift in making an X shape), the red feather, a gold-leaf with a tiny ornamental ball, all with hot glue.

3.Maiden tasselled drawstring extravagance: Vertically wrap a strip of patterned sheer curtain fabric along the midpoint of the box, tape at the back. Then wrap the box with red and gold Jacquard fabric, over the sheer fabric leaving a 6-inch opening at the center of the box. Fold and tape at the top and bottom of the box, securing with hot glue. Measure the white elastic eyelet trim to make sure the eyelet loops are even on each side, then fasten on vertically with hot glue covering the edge of the fabric. Weave the satin gold piping in and out of the eyelet loops making a crisscross design. Add a gold tassel to each piping end simply by tying the tassel loop and piping into a knot.

4.Trim a plain paper towel roll with impressive beaded cuffs: Paper towel rolls are excellent for presents such as, socks, undergarments, pens to unique little treasures. Cut a piece of textured fabric 7-inches longer than the length of the roll. Fold fabric in half, lie flat and cut each end with pinking shears on a diagonal angle. Place and glue the beaded trim onto the now V-shaped border on the wrong side of the fabric. Insert gift inside the roll. Centre the roll on the fabric, roll up, tape or glue to secure closure and tie at each end with a small braided cord inserting a gold tassel in the knot, and knot at each end. Adorn with gold ribbon, glued around the tube in a criss-cross fashion.

5.Rice paper roll covered with embroidered ribbon trimmings: just the right thing for gift certificates, checks and other precious gifts from the heart. Cut a rice paper strip about 4 inches longer than the length of the roll. Insert gift inside the roll, centre on the paper, roll up, and tape at the back. Glue on assorted ribbon strips horizontally all around the roll with hot glue, leaving the ends loose 1-inch past the end of the roll. Tie each end of the roll with a red satin ribbon by making a simple bow. Garnish the centre with a gold mesh beaded ribbon.

6.Personalized frosted gab-bag with a picture of the recipient: Wrap gift in red tissue paper leaving the top end open and insert into gab-bag. Tie a gold cord around the tissue paper, exposing the knot and bow through the handle. Make a monotone colour photo printout of the recipient, cut out with scalloped shears and fasten to the bag with double-faced tape.

7.Black velour hat transformed into a gift pouch topped with boa feathers: great idea for a hat and glove set for a teenage girl. Insert the gift inside the hat, tie with red cord by making a bow, and knot each end. Clip the end off a feathered boa and insert in the hat, glue a feather on the knot of the bow.

8.Circular box covered with antiqued textured wallpaper: Measure and cut wallpaper to fit around the exterior and top part of a cardboard box. Apply adhesive spray to the back of the paper and apply to box and let dry. Then wipe on antiquing medium and rub off with a damp cloth. Let dry. The bow is made with a gold ascot (scarf type) wrapped around the box. Adorn the bow with red, gold and clear beaded garland ornament.

9.Jewel-tone plaid silk covering for large gift: when regular gift paper just doesn't fit larger gifts, go for fabric wraps. Wrap the gift like you would with paper wrapping, fold corners secure with tape or hot glue. Instead of ribbon try using belts or scarves as part of the packaging.

10.Gift in a jar embellished with beaded wire trim: Fantastic idea for baked goodies, or bath and beauty products. Simply wrap the gift in tissue paper, loosely wrap raffia around the gift and insert into a glass candy jar. Add beaded string ornament around the collar of the jar.

11.Curtain call: wrap a gift in gold tissue paper. Wrap a piece of white lace curtain with fringe around the top part of the gift and secure at the back with hot glue. Glue a tassel to an earring part to create the center ornament.


•Other ideas to make the wrapping part of the gifts are items such as dish towels, scarves, hats, pillow cases, even pillows.

•For outdoors, I like to make square shapes out of snow and water, colour them with food colouring and decorate them with weather-proof ribbon and bows. I stack them in my son's wooden sleigh - makes great front-porch décor.

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