A Few Things - A Wonderful Gift

by : Arleen M. Kaptur

Painters have graced the world's cathedrals and great historic buildings with their talent with paints and brushes.

Musicians bring their melodious notes to thrill our sense of hearing and stir us emotionally. Art in whatever form you find interesting is meant to bring new vision, broaden our horizons, and let beauty into our lives. So, too, with any type of needlework or craft projects.

Whether you crochet, embroider, quilt or sew - you are bringing the timeless art of needle and thread into today's world. Time has never dissipated the wonder of what can be created with a few supplies, patience, and a lot of imagination and creativity. Craft projects follow suit and our homes, our holidays, and our everyday lives would be missing a wonderful personal touch if these "projects" were never completed and especially shared with family and friends.

Whether you use the medium of needle and thread, felt, ceramics, clay, or whatever you desire, you embark on the wonderful world of creativity. It is truly a God-given blessing to bring these few tools and transform them into articles to be used in your home as gifts, or passed on for generations as heirloom treasures. Many times our lack of experience makes us believe that no one will ever treasure or even hang on to what we make - not so. A hand-knitted sweater will always be a bit softer and warmer, a hand-made quilt so much more comforting, and those Holiday decorations will always be lovingly displayed for now and far into the future. Any artist is never truly satisfied with their end-products, even though they are true masterpieces. It's just a human trait - to expect more from ourselves even while others marvel at what we have accomplished.

If there are ideas in your mind, or projects half-started but never completed, get out those supplies and let the generosity of your heart lead the way so that our way of life and this world is not "missing" these wonderful accents that bring so much joy, comfort, and happiness into our own lives and those of others. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in yor field, give it all your care and love, and somewhere in time-future, your quilt, sweater, ceramic figurine, or felt banner will bring smiles, and enduring tokens of what a person is capable of bringing about from just a few simple "things."

Let the sunshine of whatever it is you make shine right along with the heavenly bodies for future generationsFree Web Content, and bask in the warmth they will bring you today.
?Arleen M.Kaptur 2003 January