The Right Way to File a Claim in Your Auto Insurance

by : Datraveler

If you have got yourself an auto insurance, then you're entitled to get a claim. The problem is there are numerous car owners who are able to do so simply because they don't know how to file one. In the end, they're not able to enjoy the premiums they constantly pay to their insurance company. A claim is something you need to obtain when your vehicle meets an accident or when you're injured because of a collision. It will basically cover the cost, partial or full, for the repair or your hospitalization.

To ensure that you can fully maximize your premium and obtain your claim the soonest time possible, here are some techniques:

1. Make a report of the incident right away. Don't wait until the next day to file your incident report or at least list down what happened. The later you will make one the higher the chances that you're going to forget it are. You need all these information once you're going to file your claim. If you cannot create your own report for one reason or the other, at least have someone to do it for you, with your assistance. Besides, a more detailed report will make it very easier for the insurance company to decide how much claim you will be entitled with.

2. Notify the police. Notifying the police will further strengthen your case and will improve your chances of being granted with your claim. There are many instances that you should seek professional help immediately or inform the police. First, you must notify them if your vehicle got stolen or someone has vandalized something. You must also provide them a report if your car gets damaged because of collision or a person has purposely did it. It's also advisable to make a report if you have been injured because of a vehicular accident. All these can be filed together with your own incident report. It will establish the credibility of your story.

3. Call your insurance company immediately. This is the part when you will be grateful of your insurance company's 24-hour hotline. If you get yourself in any form of trouble, with undue damage on your vehicle, you have to file a report right away so the insurance company will be able to act upon it the soonest time possible. It will also remove any doubt that could play up in their minds. Remember, not all policy holders are as honest as you. Some of them will simply create stories so they'll be able to make a claim. Nevertheless, don't end the notification with a call. The next day, submit an intent-to-claim letter. If it's possible, state that you have already placed a call and the name of the customer service representative that you have talked to.

4. Know what to do next. Companies have their own way of processing claims, so it's recommended that you obtain first-hand information on the right steps to do it. First, know if there are still some requirements you need to accomplish, your rights and obligations to your claim, and how soon before you will be able to get your claim.