Pda Phones: Personal Organiser and Communicator Rolled Into One

by : Darlene Kaitlene

More than a decade ago Apple made a pioneering effort to offer a 'mobile office' to the people who are frequently on move across the world. In 1993, the era of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) started with the launch of 'Newton' by Apple. Later, PalmPilot came into the market and PDAs started to become the cynosure of all eyes.
However, classic PDA did not seem to have a future. As a result, the high-tech gadget market is witnessing a surge of PDA phones. These devices offer the twin benefits of a cellular phone and a personal organiser.
PDA phone designs have improved over time. The screens are better, storage capabilities have expanded and performance speed has enhanced.

The PDA market actually grew 40% as compared to the year-ago quarter. The major cause of this is the strong sales of Windows Mobile 5. So, PDAs running this operating system became popular among the people.

One cannot deny the importance of planning out daily activities, whether personal or professional. Planning enhances productivity and improves efficiency. PDA phones enable to systematise your work to deliver the maximum.

A typical PDA phone has no keyboard. There is a special hardware and pen-based computer software for enabling the recognition of handwritten input. The display screen can be used for input and a stylus is used as the input device.
The portability of PDA phones enables you to carry them to business meetings for referring to and sharing business data and/or for checking e-mails over a wireless network. You can synchronise the data in your phone with your desktop.

Various applications are provided in a PDA, such as word processor, spreadsheet, calendar and address book. These applications enable you to use your PDAs as notepads, appointment schedulers and wireless communicators for sending and receiving data, faxes, and e-mails.
Improved software and lower prices have increased the popularity and demand of PDA phones among the people.

Get the best of both the worlds! Enjoy the benefits of a planner and a communicator...all rolled into your PDA phone.