EPT Pregnancy Test

by : Kitty Barker

EPT pregnancy test is one of the best tests on the market. The EPT pregnancy test can actually ascertain very early if you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests will try to locate the hormone HCG in the urine. This hormone is released into the body after fertilization and when the embryo has implanted itself on the uterine wall. EPT pregnancy test is far more sensitive to this hormone. That is why EPT can detect pregnancy much sooner than other tests on the market today.

Everyone knows that the later a pregnancy test is taken the more accurate the results. When the menstrual cycle is due is the best time to take a pregnancy for best results. Whenever some one needs to know or wants to know early on if they are pregnant the EPT pregnancy test is the only test that can be used very early in the pregnancy and get results. The EPT pregnancy test is far more sensitive to the HCG hormone therefore detecting a pregnancy very early.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is in the morning when your levels of HCG are at their highest. Some water needs to pass before prior to letting the test stick contact the urine. It is best to use the test stick in mid-flow for accurate results. The EPT pregnancy test will normally have a test display window which will not only show the outcome of the test but also whether or not the test is being undertaken in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is very important that the test be taken in accordance with the instruction given by the manufacturer for an accurate result.

Why is it important to determine your pregnancy in the early stages? It is very important so that pre-natal care will be able to commence. Pre-natal care is of considerable benefit for both mother and baby to ensure a healthy pregnancy. That is why the EPT pregnancy test is the most valued test on the market today.

The EPT pregnancy test has features that make it more used than any other product on the market today to test pregnancy. The early pregnancy test is 99 % accurate and no other home pregnancy test can be used any sooner. The EPT pregnancy test shows a clear answer with results you can trust. The test is very easy to read +/- indicator lets you

Know without question. There is not a more valuable test that can pin point your condition so accurately. It is advisable to test before you expect your next period. Using the EPT pregnancy test coincides with using the Ovulation System to calculate your due date. The Ovulation System has been used a long time in many countries and proven to be quite accurate. The EPT pregnancy test is not as old as the Ovulation System but it has proved itself to be 99% accurate. It is the most recommended in home test for pregnancy today. Most women trust the results because of the accuracy quota and because it is doctor recommended.

If you feel that you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy, then you will want to ascertain if you are actually pregnant or not. You do not want to wait as the sooner you know the sooner you can visit your doctor. The doctor can begin pre-natal care which is the best thing for the baby. All new mommies’ want their babies to be as healthy as possible that is why pre-natal care is most important. That is why the EPT Early Pregnancy Test is very important. The doctor can begin early testing, proper diet for mom and baby, vitamins, and make sure that baby and mom are doing just fine.

The early testing for pregnancy is one of many ways to be able to find out how your baby is doing. The doctors can check out the baby by the use of Ultra Sound and other tests if necessary. That is why it really is vital the sooner you know your condition the sooner you are able to contact your physician and start the care that both you and baby need. The EPT pregnancy test is the best test on the market and the only test that can be used at a very early stage in the pregnancy. If I may suggest if you and your partner are planning on starting your family please keep the EPT pregnancy test available for early results.