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by : Lee Keng Wei

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Since venturing into the industry in 1989, Tele-Paper from Malaysia has grown into a one-stop solution provider of office consumables well known in the market. Currently, we are a full-fledged corporation with business concerns ranging from paper products, imaging products, computer supplies and printing of paper rolls. In our determined bid to stay ahead in the industry and international market, all resources of the company are focused on giving untiring dedication to quality, efficiency, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Throughout the years our philosophy has not changed, we strive to provide highest quality products at competitive prices.

Tele-Paper is the principal operating company in the Group and is one of the largest converter or printers in Malaysia and other South East Asian countries of thermal paper products such as receipt rolls for kiosks, ATM's and cash registers in the retail industry, security lottery tickets, medical paper and other thermal based products; business forms and thermal transfer ribbons for a wide range of bar code printers.

The best Paper Manufacturer like Tele-Paper has made a name for their-selves in being very reliable by providing import and export to the world with high quality products and great customer supports. Printing of labels and office work has greatly improved thanks to companies like this that put a lot of time into developing and testing products for a better reliability. Please kindly check with our Tele-paper sales personnel on the compatibility with the printers prior to placing your orders with us. We provide sample rolls for testing purposes.

We provide import and export to the world for all our top-notch products. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority; please contact our team of dedicated sales personnel for assistance or enquiries. Business is definitely easy with us.

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