Life Gets In The Way Of Repairing Bad Credit

by : Erol Orderland

Currently, most people in North America live in a world of instant gratification. Fast food and microwavable meals almost instantly satisfy appetites; a click of the remote, and television instantly answers the need for information and entertainment. Similarly, credit cards are the immediate response to shortfalls in the budget. Not only are major purchases, like houses and cars, purchased on time, now gas, groceries, utilities, and entertainment can be immediately attained with a little plastic card.

Credit cards are not solely to blame for many individuals suffering the frustrations of repairing bad credit. However, $3 here and $50 there can quickly add up to financial chaos. Coupled with an excessively high mortgage or rent payment, rising costs in fuel and other necessities, credit card debt can be the nail in the proverbial economic coffin.

According to the standard assessment of income versus expenses, the mortgage or rent payment should not excess more than 25% of the total monies coming into the household each month. No wonder duel incomes are necessary to meet living expenses. Simply keeping a roof overhead can cost more than half of one man/woman's total paycheck.

The cost of living, in many cities is based upon the residents living in the higher income bracket. Therefore, the guy trying to make an honest living on minimum wage is often left out in the cold-literally. Even without considering the remainder of the monthly bills, no wonder so many people are now repairing bad credit.

In addition to excessively high mortgage or rent, everyone in North America can relate to the rising cost in fuel. A visit to the local gas station is a constant reminder, regarding the steady climb in energy expenses. In the last month, or two, alone, gas is $.50-$1.00/per gallon greater than prior amounts. For the individuals required to commute through city traffic, travel great distances to and from work, or simple taxiing the kids and running errands, the total cost of fueling a vehicle can push a tight budget beyond reasonable limits, and a many people find themselves repairing bad credit.

While everyone is concerned with the rising gas prices at the pump, many individuals, in colder climates, are also experiencing a rapid increase in the cost of heating the home. A cold winter month, plus the increase in natural gas prices per thermal unit, and the family finances are totally out of control. Even turning down the thermostat and donning sweaters is not enough. The expense is still far above the previous totals. Thus, many people are falling into the trap of needing to repair bad credit.

Now, what about groceries and other household and personal contributions to financial woes? Two major issues are related to the rising cost in food and supplies. First, the weather has much to do with the rapid increase in food and fresh produce.

For example, oranges took a big hit, when snow and frost hit traditionally warmer climates. As an expected result, the law of supply and demand is enforced. Farmers need the income to feed their families; consumers still want fresh produce, yet only a limited supply is available. So, the price goes up, farmers recoup a small portion of their financial loses, and shoppers, who can afford the cost, can still purchase fresh produce.

In addition to natural causes, the other element affecting the rise in consumer cost of food and supplies is, once again, fuel. Imagine the expense of trucking supplies from one location to another. Florida oranges found in Montana have been transported across thousand of miles by a vehicle requiring large amounts of gasoline.

In order to offset the increased overhead expenses, the seller natural passes on the increase to the buyer. Again, the family expense account takes a double whammy, and many people will find themselves eventually repairing bad credit.

Thus, the credit card is often the answer to the inability to stay within the confines of a rapidly deteriorating budget, and ultimately the proverbial nail in the coffin. Forget going out to eat or a visit to the local theater. Never mind a much-needed vacation or a trip to the amusement park. Simply maintaining the everyday costs of living, with a credit card, can result in eventually repairing bad credit.

In summary, the person repairing bad credit is not necessarily irresponsible with his/her finances. He/she may be simply struggling to maintain a place to live, food on the table, and the necessary transportation.

However, repairing bad credit does not have to be the only outcome of financial hardships. Government agencies are available to help the individuals with genuine need, and credit counselors can help determine how and were to reduce the fat in the budget. Do not let personal pride lead down the path of bad credit. Professionals are available to help people come out the other side of economic tough times in good credit standing.