How You Know If Credit Repair Is Needed

by : Paul Johnson

It would surely surprise you if you knew all of the statistical data showing the number of people that need credit repair. It is possible that even with excellent money management (paying bills in a timely fashion) there could still be major errors listed inside of your credit report. We'll cover some potential areas you could fall into which might make you want to take a close look at what the three credit bureaus have to say about your credit.

What about identity theft? Has your personal information ever been taken in a burglary? Have you misplaced those items or even lost them (wallet, purse, backpack, etc)? A knowledgeable crook can take these items and easily use your personal information to obtain additional credit items such as loans, credit cards, and so on. These nasty little folks then use all of the money or charge the cards to their limit and then of course don't pay back the people they promised they would, all in your name. So as far as they're concerned, you did it.

If you're reading this because you suspect identity theft or you've had your personal information taken due to theft or burglary of your home, you'll probably need credit repair and you need a copy of your credit report to get started.

What about this factor? Are you spending too much? Do you feel compelled to buy every time there's something on sale that you just must have? Are you afraid to look at your credit card statements because you don't want to face the music? It is very likely you could have several maxed out credit cards which looks especially bad on your credit report. If you've been missing payments with all of that debt hanging over your head you may really need credit repair.

Have you been in this problem before with maxed out cards? Get on board and get a copy of your credit report so you can get started moving back towards where you know you need to be financially.

Another possible problem could arise if you've had a medical problem or procedure. If you're nodding your head as you read this it would be a very good idea to check your credit report. When you have these kinds of life events it is easy to allow payments and other mundane issues fall by the wayside while you recover, leaving late to pay notices on your report. And don't believe for a minute that the insurance company you pay hundreds of dollars to each month is taking care of everything in a timely fashion. An invoice could have ended up somewhere it isn't supposed to be and now you need credit repair.

But what if you're the good guy and you're always on top of you bills and responsibilities, but you go to get a loan or another credit card and you get declined? What's up with that? It could be a case of identity mix up. That's right, someone else's history is listed on your credit report, so once again, it looks like you did it. This can be caused by a name misspelling or a number that's one off in your SSN. Here you are need to do credit repair even though you did everything right. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Let's recap all of this information so you can decide if you need credit repair. Has your home or vehicle been burglarized recently? Have you lost your wallet or purse? If you've been running around spending like a madman (or madwoman) it should make you sit down and think about it. A major medial procedure or emergency could be an issue as well. And lastly, if the information on your credit report is inaccurate, this could surely cause you problems. Think you need credit repair? Not sure? You better find out.