Protect Yourself From Credit Repair Scams

by : Khieng Chho

If you've been nursing a poor credit history and find yourself unable to get financial respite from legitimate creditors, then, more likely, companies that offer to repair your credit will be like lights at the end of dark tunnels.

Sure, credit repair companies and the assistance programs they offer are legitimate, but it is advised that you don't easily get fooled after just one sitting. While credit repair schemes promise to get you out of your financial woes, they can also turn into your greatest nightmares if you fail to protect yourself and read the fine print.

More often than not credit repair schemes will present themselves as quick and easy ways to clear your tainted credit record of red information for a certain fee. They look mighty attractive at first but, as with any money making operation, surely they won't tell you all the tricks of the trade and how they are to benefit from you.

The fact of the matter is, bad credit can only be healed by time. Credit repair companies will assure you that they can call up your creditors and clean up your murky credit history for you, but this is really not the case.

Some credit repair agencies will tell you that your credit has already been cleared up and send you a note to prove it, but, the reality is, they are merely trying to process your credit clearing application and do not really know if your creditor will approve it or not.

Before you know it, your bad credit information has magically reappeared on your records and there isn't anything you can do about it, except, well, drag yourself into a credit repair scam again and fool yourself that you've been cleaned up.

Bad credit records are bad credit records. No matter how hard you try to seek instant reprieve from the red marks on your documents, they will not go away unless they have been erroneously placed there. And no credit repair agency can make miracles happen for you. If you truly had a tainted financial past, you must bear with it and let it pass over time.

Credit bureaus report negative information as far back as seven years and as far back as ten years for bankruptcy related cases. This means your history for the past seven to ten years will turn up in your records whether you like it or not and cannot, and never, be altered by any credit repair tactic.

But if you are sure that mistakes have been made on your records and you're truly free of negative data, then by all means, seek help from credit repair companies. Or, to avoid having to pay their charges, you can repair your credit yourself.

You simply notify the credit bureau of the errors and give a detailed account of the mistakes your found on your records. The more accurate you are, the better. After which, the bureau will conduct an investigation into the account in question, free of charge, and correct them or discard false information that is unverifiable.

To help strengthen your case, you can even write a short note, about a hundred words, explaining the negative information on your report. It could take a while, but, hey, it sure beats having to pay credit repair agencies to do it.