Two Innovative Methods to Get an Interest Free Loan?

by : Nazir Hussain

" Hello there. I am calling from First National Bank. Can I interest you in a loan? We have products available that give you a payment holiday of three months and you can use the money for whatever you want to do "

There is normally a catch with these loan offers; either the interest rate is very high or you have to secure the borrowing against your home. In some circumstances, where credit history is poor the lender can ask for the loan to be secured against the borrower's home and also charge an exorbitant interest rate going into double figures (10 to 15% interest).

How can I get an interest free loan?

Bartering used to be the preserve of many communities in the days gone by more so than now. However, there is still evidence of barter systems in operation to pay for goods and services instead of cash.

Money share, partner and committee are the phrases used to describe a method of acquiring a loan without incurring any interest charges. A very simple method which uses the power of leverage to raise money for each of the participant in the system. This is how the system works:-

1)100 people come together and form a association.2)Each person contributes a fixed amount to the pot say ?100 per week.3)The arrangement stays in place for 100 weeks.4)A lottery type of system is used to decide how the money generated from contributions is to be allocated to people in the system.

The amount of money generated per week is ?10,000 and each person in the system gets a lump sum during the course of the 100 weeks to do as he or she please. There are no interest charges and you payback the loan by staying in the system for 100 weeks.

If Mr X needed to raise ?15,000. He can borrow this money from a friend. Or, borrow ?3,000 from 5 friends and repay the entire loan as a lump sum or in smaller affordable amounts. A lot of the very successful businesses of today obtained their initial capital by taking loans from family, friends and other business associates. However, there is an unwritten rule about this loan scheme. The rule is very simple "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours". The only cost associated with this type of loan arrangement is the opportunity cost. Because, by extending a loan facility now to a third party; the lender has effectively secured a lending facility for himself to call in the future and to use it as and when he/she needs it. As for the borrower, it is the best loan facility on the market. In a nutshell, you have taken on a loan, money is released very quickly, there are no interest charges to be concerned about, no instalments are to be made and added to that is repayment flexibility on the loan. It is not the best loan ever but it is the fastest as well.