Debt Relief Benefits of Debt Collectors Problem

by : Guy Te Watson

Fast and easy debt relief and debt elimination or settlement depends upon you effectively exposing the fact that bankers are getting interest on money the bank is not paying out. Here are a few tips on how to approach the issues and settle your debts quickly and easily.

Tip One, Banks Cannot Lend Credit: Most people think banks loan money from the money they receive from depositors or from bank assets. However, in reality when banks lend credit today there is evidence they are engaging in unjust enrichment. They are getting interest on credit-money where they put up little to no risk so they cannot justify the benefit of getting interest on that credit-money if challenged properly.

Time honored, universally accepted in court, Maxims of Law speak to this issue of unjust enrichment; one such maxim says, "He at whose risk a thing is done, should receive the profits arising from it." In other words, little or no risk means little or no profit; another Maxim of Law is, "What is good and equal, is the law of laws." Where equality among people and under the law is lacking eventually the less equal become slaves to the more equal.

Fast and easy debt relief and debt elimination or settlement of the account you are said to be owing money on depends on you effectively showing the bankers they are in violation of the law and are unlawfully lending credit on a contract for money without full disclosure and without right to enforce such a contact. Consider the following case cites.

PELLETIER V. ZWEIFEL, 921 F2d 1465 (11th Cir. 1991)
BROWNING V. PEYTON, 918 F2d 1516 (11th Cir. 1990)
No contract exists unless the parties agree on all of the material terms and conditions of the contract and nothing is left to some future agreement.

Tip Two, the Creditor and Debt Collector Must Validate or Verify the Debt: Debt relief and/or debt elimination or settlement the fast and easy way is also obtained by demanding the Creditor or Debt Collector verify the allege-debt is indeed one created by a lawful contract entered into by their XYZ corporation with clean hands. The law requires XYZ corporation to show evidence that unconstitutional practices are not involved with the transaction on the part of XYZ corporation and that XYZ corporation is operating in accord with all requisite laws and good contract principles.

Banks hardly ever properly validate the debt because that would reveal there was no full disclosure since almost all of the time the borrower is not given full disclosure of the actual terms and conditions of the loan contract in plain language. The courts have said no full disclosure - no contract, and you win when this is proven.

Tip Three, Have Your Paperwork Formatted Properly and The Creditor or Debt Collector Will Likely Settle Out of Court or Totally Abandon Their Law Suit against You and You Win: Nine out of ten times you can win and debt relief and/or debt elimination or settlement can be fast and easy if your paperwork is setup with the right information. Most people fall into a default judgment on a case where the creditor or debt collector files for a judgment against them.

People go into default because they don't know how to respond to the debt collector's suit against them and it's not worth it to them to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to try to win their case. You don't need to let this happen to you get the paperwork you need. It is available without a huge expense.

Tip Four, Keep Your Mouth Shut or You Lose: Debt collector's and the Creditor's collection department workers are experts at getting people to compromise their own winning challenge and rebuttal case against the debt collectors and creditors by talking with the borrower, "Like You" over the phone. This is where they shine in being able to convince people, like you even, to say or do something against properly prepared paperwork and nullify it.

So, the rule is never ever talk with a debt collector or creditor over the phone, period, no exceptions. Deal with them only through properly prepared paperwork so you can lessen or eliminate doing things against your case and against you getting a favorable settlement.

Now is your time for fast and easy debt elimination, debt relief and settlement. Bankers and debt collectors have a problem with lending credit on money contracts without full disclosure and because of that and several other reasons also revealed in the LoansGoAway package they have no right to enforce such a contact.