Debt Management Credit Counselors - Do They Really Exist?

by : Mike Singh

If you are stuck in a financial rut, you are best advised to talk to a debt counselor. Yes, they do exist and they can be your saviour as far as your fiscal problems are concerned if you let them help.

A good debt counselor is often more familiar with the different debt management programs out there. He can definitely help you separate the wheat from the chaff i.e. he will point you to the ones that are truly effective and warn you against the ones that are fraudulent.

Of course, this is counseling is extremely beneficial from a practical standpoint. But, if you are in debt and have been there for a while, then your problems are more pyschological. Sometimes, you can't see the solution even if its is staring at you. In these cases, a third party can help you move in the right direction.

Pretty often when you are in a mountain of debt, you don't see beyond the immediate payments and the climbing interest. It is hard for you to look beyond your immediate financial troubles. In this case too, the couselor will help you develop a program where you have a chance of succeeding. Usually, they do this by setting small goals so that you can achieve small successes to gain momentum. Slowly but surely you will build on these and make bigger strides towards freeing yourself from your financial burdens.

There are times when debt counseling can be a roadblock. This is usually when the person in debt isn't committed to getting out of this crisis. Hiring counseling services while avoiding responsibility for your actions is not the right solution to your problems.

Quite a few folks are not good at handling their own money. What they forget is that this is a learned skill. If you want to balance your checkbooks all you need is some basic math skills or a quick use of the calculator. Most of the time, is an aversion towards money management than lack of technical knowledge.

The other thing about good advice is that its only worth it when its being followed. In the end its all upto you. The debt counselor can give you all the knowledge and teach you the strategies. In the end its upto you to follow through on all the practical advice and break those bad habits.

Its when the individual is willing to listen, follow the advice and willing to cultivate good fiscal habits to replace the previous ones will he get closer to moving out of debt.