How Debt Management Saved My Marriage

by : Derek Rogers

When my wife and I got married a few years back, we entered into marriage with so many hopes, desires and dreams. Unfortunately, those hopes were all weighed down by the immense amount of debt we had accumulated during university.

My wife had loans and credit card debt that had amounted to over GBP 25,000. I had accumulated GBP 11,000 in student loans, GBP 2,500 in credit card debt and I still owed over GBP 3,000 on my tuition fees that I couldn't cover.

The Struggle

The whole first year of our marriage was filled with heartache, disappointment, sacrifices, anger, and the anticipation of a new arrival. Every time we went grocery shopping, we had to keep ourselves away from the luxury food aisle or any other area that stocked unnecessary items.

We could only buy the bare necessities, which was a sacrifice itself because both my wife and I love crisps, pizza and all those other unhealthy foods. We were both so frustrated with our situation.

Every month, more and more bills arrived that had to be taken care of immediately or we risked the chance of ruining our already failing credit records.

With my wife being pregnant, life wasn't easy, because after the first two months of pregnancy she got sick and couldn't continue to work. This caused a huge dip in our finances. All the stress of our money worries lead to arguments, which in turn led to anger, and resulted in us not talking to each other for hours. The strain on our marriage was almost unbearable. We really needed some help managing our debt and getting back on top.

Debt Management Magic

After year of arguments and sacrifices, we were finely able to sit down with a debt management specialist and finally hammer out some seriously needed plans. With the consultant's help, we were able to come up with a monthly budget that we could easily stick to, without having to sacrifice the things that we felt we needed.

The wonderful thing about the debt management advisor was that he took away a lot of the stress that had been building, which made it much easier for us to focusing on meeting our financial needs every month.

For the next six months, we paid our bills on time, saved up for baby needs, paid off over GBP 3,000 worth of our debt and still had a little bit of money leftover to use for the occasional luxury.

We started out the first year of our married lives in anger, frustration and financial meltdown but because of debt management we were able to develop a plan, deal with our creditors and get on with living life as a family.

If you're struggling, you need to realise that debt management help is available and that you are not alone.