Debt Management Company Questions to Ask

by : Michael Williams

When you are experiencing a need, asking for help is not easy. When it comes to asking for financial help, it is even more difficult. Finances are personal and deciding that you need to talk to someone about the debt you have incurred is stressful enough without finding out too late that the company you chose is not a reputable business.

As the cost of living continues to increase, debt is keeping up pace as more and more individuals look to credit cards and loans to supplement their already slacking income. The result is that they are falling deeper into debt faster than they can climb out. What makes it worse is that many charlatans are taking advantage of the fact that when individuals feel the pressure of rising debt, they become vulnerable. Those who are looking to make a quick buck off others distress comes into play this moment. You are ready to seek help and they are ready to offer and take your money; leaving you in a worse financial condition than when you started. How can you tell the charlatans from the legitimate debt management companies?

To begin with, it is very important that you research the debt management companies you are considering. Talk to others who have used their services, call the Better Business Bureau to inquire as to the company's business practice. If you have concerns at all, do not use them. If you have narrowed your search down to a few companies, talk more in depth with their counselors. Be inquisitive ask many questions such as:

  • Will all of the monthly payment be applied to your creditors
  • Will any portion of what you pay to the company to into their pocket before going to your creditors
  • Are there any hidden fees

These questions are very important because that is how the less reputable companies are making a profit from your financial difficulties. They will pocket the first payment you make without ever sending it to the creditors. Or they will only send in a portion of your payment. If this happens you will most likely be facing penalties and finance charges for not making the agreed upon payment. It is vital that you know up front how much of each monthly payment you make will be applied to your debt. The majority of debt management plans will tell you that it can take anywhere from three to six years to get out of debt. If you inadvertently work with a company who does not have your best interest in mind it will take several years longer. Be wise, do your research, and read the fine print before making your final decision. Not all debt management companies are looking to defraud you but it takes only one to ruin your credit.