Can You Get a Car Loan With No Credit and No Cosigner?

by : Court Tuttle

The actual purchase of a vehicle can be very difficult to do, especially when you have never done anything like this before or if you have acquired bad credit throughout your life. Automobile businesses want to know that you have the traits of a person who quickly pays off loans and debt, so that they do not have to deal with financial problems in the future. This can be a tricky situation for people who want to buy their first car because car dealerships are taking a big risk of giving out money to people that do not have a history.

Getting an auto loan can be very complicated for a number of reasons, two which are more common than others. The first reason, as noted above, is because of someone's credit history or very little credit in the past. The solution that is best for a person in this type of situation is to have a cosigner with a lot of credit and who has a good credit report.

When there is a cosigner present at the time of the car purchase, then the financial representatives will be more secure in lending out the loan with the added assurance that they will get their loan paid off in full. It is important to have someone who can back you up when financial problems do arise and will still enable you to pay the monthly loan payment. Having a cosigner with a lot of credit and also a good credit report ultimately increases your chances of obtaining a car loan.

The next potential way that vehicle buyers can get a car loan is somewhat more difficult. This specific method does not require the first time car buyer to have a cosigner but simply deals with the amount of money that the person wants to borrow. When considering what type of a car the person wants to buy, he or she should think about purchasing a vehicle that requires the least amount of money possible, especially if you want to take out a loan.

Buying a vehicle that does not cost so much money will also improve your chances of applying for and obtaining a car loan. If you are a first time car buyer and want to buy a Corvette as your first car, you will probably not qualify for the type of loan that you will need to cover the costs of such an expensive car. If you select a much more reasonably priced car that does not cost so much, then you will have a greater chance of qualifying for the type of loan that you need.

The second reason for experiencing difficulties in acquiring a car loan is if you have a history of bad credit. This is a more complex problem to overcome because car dealerships already know that they will probably have financial problems with you in the future.

The first step is to discover how much money you can likely borrow from a lender, and then do your car shopping with the amount of money that will be lent out to you. This will be the easiest way for you to purchase a car.