How To Handle Credit Card Fraud

by : Court Tuttle

Many of you face credit card fraud out there in the world and in random places. It can come when you least expect it to happen.

For me it happened when I was on a service mission for my church and that was shocking to say the least. It is always important to know how to handle situations like that because it can and probably will happen to you at some time or another.

If you lose your credit card or if you realize that it has been stolen by someone then immediately call the issuer of the card. They are going to be your best friend with this whole situation and many of them have toll-free numbers and 24-hour customer service to deal with these exact emergencies that can throw a monkey wrench in your day. Fortunately there are some solid laws in place to help you out in case this does happen to you.

According to the law once you have reported that you have a lost card or it has been stolen then you have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges on that card at any time. If there were charges before that then you can rest easy that the maximum liability that you have is $50 per card in case this does happen. So if they do decide to run it up you won't be paying that back.

If you suspect credit card fraud then there is good chance that you are going to have to sign a statement under oath from the government that you did not make the questionable purchase. That is what I had to do in my situation.

I was also asked a lot of questions on my experiences with this card and asked to appear in court if it was necessary. Unfortunately I didn't have to do that and the matter was taken care of outside of court.

Most cards are going to back you up because it is your money and they don't want to lose it either, so they are going to be on your side. If they aren't then you have plenty of rights as a consumer credit card holder.

Always be aware of where you put your card and any receipts that may have your full credit card number on it. Even though you have a lot of protection through the government, you don't want to have to spend a lot of time blocking your lost card and getting a new one to replace it.