Really Bad Credit Credit Card- News

by : Joe Maldonado

What is a really bad credit credit card today? Am I looking for reliable and a trustworthy credit issuer to enjoy the benefits of having person a new personal history with all the credit bureaus by starting again? Do I need to restart my credit in order to get better interest rate for home loans, car loans or simple refinancing my humble home?

These are the kind of questions that many online counselors get everyday from regular people like you and me. Many of us just want to restart our credit history and no matter how old we think we are and how bad our status might be, most of us are in the look out for credit issuers that grant instant approval for people that have a past history of bad credit.

Take my fiancee for example- she has bad credit due to her having to pay for her last year of school and all her 4 years in college. When she was on college, she had to pay for all her tuition fees because family could not support her financially. So, she took some bank loan and out of no-where without prior notification she went out of business and out of work.

And when you are studying in high reputable colleges, tuition most often is high for a regular person working at a job, in a nutshell that end of it- she had some huge delays for a couple of months paying the bank. Credit score went down big time because of it. It happen to her and it is happens to millions as of this moment. It will keep happening.

But is there any kind of hope for such situations. Does having a bad history from the past affect big time today? Does requesting a really bad credit credit card help you today in your specific situation? The answer, there is no certain answer if you ask me right now. I do not know your situation.

But I do know that one of the greatest facts today is that thanks to market and industry competition you can request a card today without credit check, you can get approved regardless of credit history, you can have insurance when enrolling in many cards today, credit limits can go up to $10,000 depending on issuer policy and you can be back on track and restarting a healthy credit. It will all depend in several factors.

Updated news is that on the Internet you can search for such offers and get approval within hours by the bank. Must bank even send you a letter by email in 5-12 business days upon submitting your request. In precise words, having really bad credit credit cards today happen to many of the best of us, get the facts and know whom you could trust when it comes to choosing a card today.