Why Consider Credit Card Consolidation

by : Gregg Hall

There are many good reasons to consolidate your credit cards, the most obvious of which is to get out of debt. Credit card companies have made it too easy to get credit and society has made us feel if we don't have a certain amount of material goods we are lacking in some way so off we go to the store to run up more debt we can't afford.

To consolidate your credit cards the first thing you need to do it to research the companies. There are many disreputable companies out there that will take your money and run. Or they just want to get hold of your personal information and steal you identity.

The first consideration for a credit card consolidating company is the fees. If they charge a large fee it should make you wonder about their motives. There are some non-profit debt relief services out there that can help.

Then there is the negotiation for lower interest rates to help pay off the cards. Most credit card companies are more interested in getting their money than all the extra fees they tack on. Some will wave over the limit and late fees to get their initial money returned. A good consolidating company will work with them to get the best deal for you.

The lower monthly payment may not seem so low at first. But when you look at all the smaller bills you are not paying and the hassle of paying several different bills, it is better. They will often do a direct deposit from your savings or checking account so you never have to bother with mailing them money.

The down side to consolidation is that they cancel all your credit cards. That means in an emergency you will have to find money some other way. And with some companies that wave their fees, the put it in the pay off contract that you can not apply or use another companies credit card until they have been paid. This does seem fair to the company you are trying to pay off but then you lose the security of having that extra credit when you need it.

There are also credit card consolidation companies that will help you learn how to take care of your personal finances to avoid getting in to debt. When we go to school it is the one thing that is not taught well. And that leaves us swimming in the unknown. Many people don't really know how to budget their money and stick with it. Living within an affordable budget takes commitment and work and a lot of people don't want to work on their own time and feel their personal finances will take care of themselves. That is where the trouble starts.