Bank Of America TripRewards MasterCard

by : Richard Gilliland

Together with their outstanding services, the Bank of America credit cards have much more to recommend about them, including their lucrative Rewards’ Program & their contribution to social welfare causes. Bank of America - TripRewards MasterCard Credit Card is one such card, which takes every care of your needs and wants, all the while providing you with the opportunities of being socially useful.

The Features Of The Card

The Bank of America - TripRewards MasterCard Credit Card has a 0% introductory rate (APR) for Balance Transfers and Cash Advance Checks throughout the first twelve billing cycles. (Of course, this is subject to your paying a 3% transaction fee, which should be no less than $10). The credit card has no annual fee.

The card gets you 13 points (the TripRewards membership gives you 10 points and the other three points are gained for using the card) for spending every dollar in the qualifying TripRewards hotel purchases. For spending a dollar on other qualifying purchases, the cardholder will be earning another two points.

As a cardholder, you must be aware that there is no limit to the amount of points you can gain from the credit card, but the points do expire in a time-period of four years.

The credit card offers some unique features. You can avail of a range of rewards with the MasterCard, like great cost saving offers and discounts at the preferred hotels. If you are a frequent traveler, then the exciting rewards program provided by the credit card will be most appropriate for you. The participating hotels include Days Inn?, Ramada?, Howard Johnson?, Travelodge? (U.S. only), Knights Inn?, AmeriHost Inn?, Wingate Inn?, Super 8? and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts? spread all over the US and Canada.


The reward-points can be exchanged for free hotel stays in any of the six thousand hotels in Canada or United States. The membership of the Bank of America - TripRewards MasterCard Credit Card program comes for free.

As a member, you can gain extra points through the many partners, which are merged with the points acquired via the membership. You can even avail of luxurious free nights at international hotels, Hawaii or Wyndham. The other choices for you are - airline miles, car rentals, train travel, airline tickets and resort vacation. Entertainment rewards like free/discounted movie tickets, entry passes for musical concerts, amusement parks and other such places can also be availed. You can also go for shopping/dining certificates and other similar gifts. If you are the pious kind, then you can also donate to any of the charitable organizations by gifting them your earned points.

The Bonus Points

The card offers you 24-hour online access, total fraud protectionFree Articles, zero annual fees and many more benefits.